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10 Beaches You Have To Visit In Boston

Boston can be your paradisiacal vacation spot if you are the kind of person. Who would love to lay on the beach and relax in the sun, with the sound of the ocean waves. That crashing in your ears and sand underneath your toes. The 10 beaches that we have listed here would be perfect for such activities. We have also provided you with pictures and information about each of these beaches. You can make an informed decision about where to visit next time you’re in Boston.

Back Bay Beach

No visit to any city would be complete without a walk on its famous beach. It’s no surprise that one of Back Bay’s biggest attractions is its white sand. This public beach is situated in a picturesque location between two iconic landmarks: Newbury Street and Fenway Park. On warm days, families can be found swimming in its waters. While groups of friends can be spotted having fun building sandcastles or playing volleyball. Nearby benches allow those with smaller children to relax for a bit before heading back out into action. Visitors to Back Bay Beach will find many seasonal festivities happening near its shores. Including outdoor markets, concerts and other activities during some of New England’s. Most well-known festivals such as Harborfest, which takes place every July 4th weekend.

Ocean Drive Beach

If you’re visiting Boston, then Ocean Drive Beach should be your top destination. Ocean Drive Beach is located on State Road in Lincoln. A lovely vacation spot for families and individuals alike, Ocean Drive beach is a peaceful retreat for those who love sand, sunshine and water. With its white sands that stretch for miles of uninterrupted beaches, you will feel like you have your own secluded island all to yourself as you walk along its vast shores with nothing but palm trees and blue skies as far as your eyes can see. Whether it’s taking a relaxing stroll or swimming in its waters while being lulled by an ocean breeze, there are many ways to enjoy everything that Ocean Drive Beach has to offer year round!

M Street Beach

If you want to spend a day at a beach with plenty of space, M Street Beach is for you. Located in Dorchester, just south of South Bay Center and its ice skating rink. This beach offers volleyball courts, paths for walking your dog and a great view of UMass-Boston’s campus. There’s also restrooms nearby!

Houghton’s Pond

The pond is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It’s an ideal place for a day trip for those residing in Greater Boston because it’s so close to everything! Houghton’s Pond is always consistently very peaceful and beautiful as well. Making it perfect for relaxation or even a quiet afternoon picnic with your family or friends. There are plenty of public beach areas at Houghton’s Pond where you can take a break from swimming in the water to enjoy some time relaxing on a towel or just taking in all of its natural beauty. The scenic views of Houghton’s Pond are truly magnificent and worth every minute you spend at one of its many different beachfront locations!

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Georges Island

Of all of Boston’s beaches, Thompson Island is one of its most scenic. Located just off the coast, visitors have to take a ferry to reach it and once they do, they can lounge in sand that is said to be made from white quartz. While visiting,

don’t forget to explore nearby Castle Island and Fort Warren. There are also plenty of water activities and sightseeing tours available. For those interested in finding some good seafood while on vacation,

Thompson Island boasts a number of delicious restaurants and seaside cafes. On your next visit to Boston, try Thompson Island Beach; you won’t regret it!

Moon Island

While many people flock to sandy beaches when they think of Boston. There are a number of other scenic gems waiting for you just beneath the surface. If you’re looking for unique, less crowded spots to take in views of downtown. Enjoy some waterfront recreation—take a trip out to Fort Warren on George’s Island. George’s Island is reachable by ferry or water taxi and is home to several beautiful attractions. Including Sandy Bay beach and Castle Island. Fort Warren was built in 1833 as part of a major coastal defense network. It had an important role in protecting Massachusetts from British attacks during WWII.

Dorchester Heights

This peninsula is connected to Jamaica Plain by causeway and has some of best views in all of Boston. The vista of the city from here is beyond stunning, with Castle Island and other historic sights visible from many vantage points. Public access to beaches starts at $7 a day or $25 for a seasonal pass; you can also picnic or rent equipment at nearby Tenean Beach Park.

Thompson Island

Located in Boston Harbor, Thompson Island is technically a peninsula but is still considered to be an island. The main features of Thompson Island are a beach, several playing fields and a few small businesses including restaurants and stores. There are also several boat ramps that provide easy access to and from nearby marinas. Additionally, there is also a museum in honor of Joseph Kennedy Jr., who died while attempting to land on Torpedo Bay in World War II. Throughout the summer months there are free ferry rides available which can be taken to see Thompson Island as well as Spectacle Island, another spot frequented by locals and tourists alike.

Pleasure Bay Park

This park is located in Quincy, Massachusetts and boasts a beach. Fun fact: This beach was used as inspiration for Robert McCloskey’s Blueberries For Sal (1948), according to Beach Drive. Visitors can rent a private cabaña or bring their own food and enjoy snacks on site. There are also grills available for larger get-togethers. Parking is free, but be aware that it can get packed during nice weather—be sure to plan accordingly!

Fort Warren on George’s Island

About 15 miles out in Boston Harbor lies George’s Island, accessible only by a bridge to Castle Island. The area was once home to Fort Warren, one of 27 forts built between 1833 and 1850 that ringed strategic harbors throughout New England. It closed down in World War II but has been preserved by a number of private investors. Today, it’s a popular place for walking trails and beachgoers who like to get off in peace from bustling city life. No tickets are needed for entry—just follow your nose to some stunning views of downtown and Charlestown!

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