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10 Benefits Of Using Office Carpets 

10 Benefits Of Office Carpets

Carpeting your office is a great way to increase the comfort level of your employees, create a more inviting atmosphere, and increase productivity. Some offices have strict rules that prohibit carpeting for safety reasons but if yours doesn’t then now is the perfect time to start adding some color to those dull-looking floors. Best Office Carpets available online at very low prices.

Here are ten benefits of office carpets that will convince you as well as show you what kind of impact they can make on your business.

1.  Improve Air Quality

This benefit becomes obvious after we look at all the ways carpets protect our health. One study showed that homes with carpeting had an average of 55% fewer airborne particles than those that didn’t. However, carpets aren’t only beneficial for the air quality in homes; they improve office air quality as well. Carpets act as a filter and can trap up to 30% of dust particles and other contaminants before they circulate around your office.

2. Businesses With Carpet Decrease Their Turnover Rate

Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem more successful than others? One reason is the turnover rate. Unhappy employees tend to leave which means you’re constantly training new people and investing tons of money into hiring and training them. Adding carpeting helps your business decrease its turnover rate because studies show that employees who work in spaces with carpeting are 63% less likely to leave than those who work in places without it.

3. More Comfortable For Employees

It’s no surprise that employees working on carpets feel more comfortable and relaxed than those who must stand and walk on hard surfaces all day long. This comfort level increases productivity and decreases health problems by providing a soft surface for people to sit or kneel on as they perform various tasks, such as setting up presentations or typing away at their computer monitors. Studies show that every additional half an inch of cushion reduces stress on your employee’s joints by 10%.

4. Increases Chances Of People Actually Sitting Down And Relaxing

One study showed that offices with carpeting had 61% more people actually sitting down and relaxing than those offices without it. This is great because as stated above, employees who sit at work are happier and healthier than those who don’t. Studies have also shown that carpeted rooms can improve concentration and reduce stress. So not only will your employees be happier and healthier, chances are they’ll actually get more done as well which means you won’t have to worry about them taking extra long breaks or leaving early.

5. Makes A Place Seem Like More Of A Home And Less Of An Office

What attracts a person to a place? Is it the design or architecture of the building? The décor? In most cases, the answer is ‘yes’ as those are the first things any person notices when they enter a building. However, studies have shown that how people feel about a place is just as important as what it looks like. Carpets give your office an inviting appeal by adding warmth to the décor and making employees think of their home rather than where they work. This sense of comfort can help increase productivity by reducing stress levels.

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