10 Exclusive Golf Yours’s You’ll Never be Able to Play

You probably think of Pine Valley, Augusta National, and Cypress Point when you hear the phrase “most exclusive golf courses”.However, I would also guess that you know at least a few individuals who have played at least one or two of these courses. (Lucky dog!) My father has played Augusta and Pine Valley.

In contrast, neither you nor your golfing companions have likely heard of the following courses. This is on purpose; you can count their members on one hand, and in certain instances, on one finger. Moreover, these courses have never featured on any lists. until today. Here are the 10 most exclusive best private golf courses in the world.

Cherokee Plantation (South Carolina)

Dirk E. Ziff is one of around two dozen members/owners of Cherokee Plantation in Yemassee, South Carolina. The property is a few thousand acres in size and has a Donald Steel-designed golf course. That in most years accommodates less than one thousand rounds. According to the scarce information available about the club, the initiation price is around $1 million and the yearly dues are $85,000. However, it is by no means certain that you will be admitted if you have the necessary funds.

Due Process Golf Club (New Jersey)

This Johnny Miller/Gene Bates-designed course in Colts Neck, New Jersey, once belonged to Robert Brennan, who ran a penny stock trading firm until he was imprisoned for ten years for money laundering in 2001. (after being released from prison, Brennan went to work at the course). The course was named for its connected thoroughbred racing stable. Was ultimately acquired by a former Goldman Sachs executive and one of the inventors of Arizona Iced Tea. Now, it is perhaps the least exclusive school on our list, with a reasonably big membership (between 100 and 150, according to reports) and a rumored $350,000 entrance fee for each participant.

The Institute (California)

This Silicon Valley seminar adds an element of deception to the mystery. It is completely owned by John Fry, the leader of, and may extend to well than 8,000 yards if all back tees are used by him and chosen visitors. Interestingly, the Institute was originally constructed without the necessary licenses but has now been ruled compliant. It is scheduled to host the Open on the PGA Tour in the future, so if you can get into the pro-am, you may be able to play there. Beyond that, best wishes.

More for Back O’Beyond Golf Club (New York)

Part of this enigmatic club, which is situated on the New York-Connecticut boundary, is viewable from a different course: the public Richter Park in Danbury, Connecticut. But unless you’re an invited high-ranking employee or customer of insurance giant AIG, whose previous CEOs Cornelius Vander Starr and Maurice Greenberg helped the home into a quiet celebrity, that’s the closest you’re going to get to this layout. Those who have played Farther have been in awe of the statues and sculptures erected across the course. Including one in the center of a bunker, in addition to the impeccably managed surroundings. The ambiance and even the club’s emblem reflect the historical impact of China on AIG.

Porcupine Creek Golf Course (California)

Funny name, crazy tale. You may have heard about Tim and Edra Blixseth, who founded the very exclusive Yellowstone Club in Montana and later struggled when the now-divorced couple’s financial home crumbled on them. Tim and Edra Blixseth are too well-known to be included on our list. The couple owned Porcupine Creek until they were compelled to sell it in 2011. Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, now utilizes the course as a private getaway. In February of last year, he did host President Obama for a game-articlewine.

Wolf Point Club (Texas)

You’ve probably never heard of Port Lavaca, Texas, which is around 125 miles southwest of Houston. Additionally, you’re not likely familiar with its architect, Mike Nuzzo. Wolf Point was designed with a single customer in mind, making it the perfect “backyard” course. Despite having a normal 18-hole layout, it may be played in several ways because of its breadth and spread. According to the few who have been invited to play there, the Old Course at St. Andrews has rough fairways, heaving greens, and challenging conditions.

Domaine Laforest (Quebec, Canada)

Although Thomas McBroom is not well-known in the United States, he is one of Canada’s most highly acclaimed architects. Therefore, when late Canadian oil millionaire Paul Desmarais decided to create a private golf hideaway for himself and invited visitors, he went to McBroom. McBroom then created the course on Desmarais’ steep, sizable, and secluded private estate northeast of Quebec City. In the past, Desmarais’ business, Power Corp., has transported guests to the course in its helicopters-articlewine.

Ellerston Golf Club (Australia)

Australian media mogul Kerry Packer accumulated a wealth of over A$6.5 billion by the time of his death in 2005. The family’s multi-thousand-acre parcel of property north of Sydney is now managed by James Packer. Kerry Packer gave Greg Norman’s design team the assignment to choose the ideal area for a golf course and start to work. The result is a course that consistently ranks in Australia’s top five, yet it’s unlikely that you’ll get invited. Bring plenty of golf balls if you do, since the course is rated as one of the hardest in the world-articlewine.

“Prince de Provence” (France)

In the past, this Robert Trent Jones, Sr./RTJ Jr. duo effort has gone by a variety of titles. This club outside the town of Vidauban, with just a dozen captains of industry, is so private that legend has it that visitors are blindfolded on way to the course to keep it as hidden as possible from the outside world.

Royal Palace Golf Club, Agadir (Morocco)

Within the palace of the Prince of Morocco is a golf course with crenelated walls that even border several of the Robert Trent Jones, Jr.-designed holes. Here, where several months may pass between rounds. You must qualify for the Trophée Hassan II tournament on the European Tour (or its pro-am) to tee it up, albeit the course is always maintained in excellent condition just in case the Prince gets the inclination to play a round.

Do you know of any more exclusive and exclusive courses? Have you ever played one of these, courses-articlewine against all the odds? As usual, please share your opinions and experiences in the section below.

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