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10 Harmful effects of mobile phones on health

The mobile phone was invented to make our lives better and should be treated as a tool only because it is invented to control by humans but the reality is different. Nowadays mobile phones should be called intelligent machine. It can control our brains, ideas, and our thoughts. This intelligence is called an “algorithm” in technical language. There are so many makers behind this algorithm who wants your attention. Now we will discuss the harmful effects of mobile phones on our bodies. Mobile phones emit blue light and enter through our retina and reach the hypothalamus of our brain. It disturbs the circadian rhythm. This circadian rhythm is responsible for our day and night sleep cycle. Circadian rhythm plays a vital role in the importance of mental health. Once it is change or disturbed, we can experience so many health issues. Recent findings say that it is one of the primary reasons for absent-mindedness in kids. There is a hormone called melatonin which is responsible for our sleep. These devices reduce the secretion of melatonin and confuse the body between day and night. In such cases, you may experience depression-Articlewine, anxiety-Articlewine, and other mental and physical harmful effects on your body which we will discuss one by one.



Insomnia means sleeplessness. Nowadays most of us have the habit of using our phones before going to bed. Because of this habit, most of us face sleep problems. The second thing is when we wake up in the morning, we feel tired and exhausted. Sometimes the reason for many depression cases is because of the habit of using mobile phones too much before bedtime. Research says it may lead to diabetes and even heart diseases. It can disturb our metabolic and endocrine functions. Sleeplessness or insomnia indirectly contributes to weight gain.There is significant importance of  sound sleep-articlewine on our body which we should not ignore at any cost.

I posture
I posture

Chronic pain and Posture

Our ideal posture should be like our neck should on our shoulders and it looks straight posture. Mobile phones can cause cervical instability. It is one of the major harmful effects of mobile phones. You are probably aware of the forward head lean or face down posture lifestyle due to mobile phones. It causes the stretching of the vertebrae apart so it stretches all the ligaments. When a person faces down when looking at a mobile phone the muscle has to work hard due to the center of gravity and spread apart and because of the weight, it goes on increment, and eventually, it may stretch them permanently and leads to the destruction of the cervical curve. This is the worst side effect of using mobile phones for a long time.

vision loss
effect on vision

Mobile phones can damage our eye vision

You can be visionary without eyes but why ruin it. Addiction of mobile phones can affect and damage our vision. It can damage the retina as the light-sensitive tissue in the back of our eyes is not only damaged by staring into the sun. Moderate light exposure from the mobile phone can cause you to go blind. Long-term exposure to the phone or sudden bright light from a cell phone can damage your vision. It leads to many Eye problems and eye diseases which one should not ignore as they can worsen with time.

behavioral change
Behavioral change

Behavioral change

Yes, Mobile phones can cause a behavioral change, especially in children or teenagers. Parents should take care and regulate the time using mobile phones of their children. Stop using or offering mobile phones to your children during meal time and Night time. Once you use or give a mobile to your children, it starts with 30 minutes which reaches up to 4-5 hours or more in a day. It has many harmful effects on our body both physical and in behavior too like temper tantrums, irritability, aggression, and violent behavior and it can lead to depression or suicidal thoughts.

Stress levels

Stress level 

One of the harmful effects of mobile phones is their impact on our health by increasing our stress levels. Most of us can’t feel or identify the reason behind the increasing stress levels. And even though it is growing hugely over the last years. The Electromagnetic field that our cell phones use is right in the same range as our body and so then starts to interfere and can have health consequences and can increase stress levels. So you have to be careful while using mobile phones for a long duration.

phantom phone
phantom phone effects

Phantom Phone vibration syndrome

Have you experienced that feeling that your phone buzzes in your pocket and you take it out to unlock it and find no notification? This is phantom phone vibration syndrome. It may be normal and can happen sometimes but if you are experiencing it more often then it may hold clues about your mental health. Phantom phone vibration is a false alarm in our body’s signal detection system. In this case, the brain has interpreted some other stimulus as a notification. Researchers say it may be normal but prolonged use of mobile phones have a harmful effect and may be the condition of anxiety or depression-Articlewine.

cyber bullying


When we use our mobile phones or give our mobile phones to children, we think that nothing can happen and that it is safe but they didn’t realize the long-term impact of the short-term decision they make. Cyberbullying and sexting are two major causes of concern for parents. Cyberbullying is where a child may be bullied or harassed through text messaging or in any form they may receive or send inappropriate content. When we are bullied we sometimes never tell anyone and that leads to increment of stress levels. If it happens or you find these symptoms in your child then you should talk to your child and ask what’s going on in their life. In such conditions, you should never leave your child alone and keep a check on their mobile phone that what he/she is doing or enable parenting control apps-Articlewine.

dependency on mobile
Dependency on mobile phone

Dependency on mobile phones

People are so dependent on their smartphones that they wake up in the morning and the first thing they want is their smartphone. Even when they go to freshen up there also they use their phones. For simple mathematical calculations or remembering any date from the calendar, they use their smartphones. It tells the high addiction to mobile phones. They can’t even manage a few minutes without mobile phones and this dependency on mobile or technical gadgets is not good for us. It may lead to a brain drain issue and sometimes due to long use and dependency mind doesn’t work actively and the brain processes the information slowly.

mobile phones while driving
Can Cause accidents.

May cause Road Accidents

It can be very dangerous and harmful to use mobile phones while driving on roads. Distractions when you text, call or use a phone while driving may lead to serious road accidents. You should focus on driving and try to avoid the use of mobile phones and if it is so important to receive any call or text then you can stop your vehicle and park it safely then attend to the call or text. Remember you are important to your family so drive responsibly.

no mo phobia

No Mo phobia

This type of harmful effect of mobile phones is also called No mobile phone phobia. Most people have this feeling of anxiety that they haven’t got their mobile phone with them. Much of this world have this cellular obsession. When a no-mo-phobic person loses their mobile phone, or their phone runs out of battery or doesn’t have network coverage, they become worried which keeps them tense. If their mobile phone is switched off they become stressed. This kind of addiction to phones impacts memory capacities.


In today’s lifestyle-Articlewine, It is unavoidable to stay away from mobile phones but at least we can try to reduce the use of these devices. Firstly do not use your cell phones or e-devices two hours before going to bed. Secondly after waking up do not use your mobile phone for at least one hour. If you give mobile phones to your children then try some parenting lock or monitoring apps. After all, it’s our own body, our eyes, and our health so we need to stay healthy. Thirdly even the sunlight has the blue light but it is very important to maintain circadian rhythm so in the morning when you wake up expose yourself to direct sunlight for at least 20-30 minutes.  We should follow healthy habits otherwise in future we have to face some serious harmful effects of mobile phones and it can become worse.

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