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10 Popular Apps Built with Flutter Framework

With Flutter, you can use one codebase to build high-performance apps that reach every user on Android and iOS. Code written in Dart can be shared easily between iOS, Android, Windows, and many platforms.

Flutter not only offers the opportunity to create a single app that works well across all Android and iOS devices. It also ensures consistent user experiences and interfaces on each platform.

All praise is due to Flutter’s widgets. Flutter is full of widgets, and through its fantastic widget system, it makes it possible to create beautiful and engaging apps. Companies can also add rich functionality with simple and easy-to-use APIs. It also provides developers with the ability to create their own custom widgets which can be used in their apps.

It is not only in theory. Flutter’s potential has been put into action by many renowned as well as startup companies. And we are going to explore some of the innovative mobile apps built with Flutter in this post. But first, let us dive into the benefits of Flutter app development for enterprises.

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Why use Flutter/benefits of Flutter

Flutter app development is becoming increasingly popular for enterprises, as the platform offers several advantages over traditional app development methods.

  • Flutter is a cross-platform mobile development framework that allows developers to create high-quality mobile apps with a minimal amount of code.
  • The cross-platform app development framework uses the functional programming language Dart, which makes developing apps more accessible and faster, enabling businesses to keep up with the competition.
  • Flutter apps are built using the Dart programming language, which is fast and efficient and results in natively-compiled cross-platform mobile applications.
  • Apps built with Flutter can be deployed on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms with minor changes, making them accessible to a wide audience.
  • Flutter makes apps easy to update, making them a preferred choice for mobile apps that need to remain up-to-date and competitive.
  • Flutter app development can be an excellent option for şişli escort businesses of all sizes as it offers a fast and responsive platform for developing apps.
  • The framework offers a high degree of customization, which makes it perfect for developing industry-specific apps.
  • The growing community of Flutter developers helps their fellows with resources, material, problem-solving, and everything related to Flutter.
  • One efficient codebase written in Flutter for multiple apps also reduces app maintenance as there will be only one codebase to maintain.

10 incredibly high-performing apps built with the Flutter framework

1 Wallace & Gromit AR

To build an immersive storytelling experience for Android and iOS users featuring Wallace & Gromit, the Fictioneers team relied on Flutter. Their goal was to create an AR-driven gaming app that delivers meaningful content to their users’ smartphones, passing over a variety of media in real time.

Flutter has proven to be a great fit for the breadth of media and real-time storytelling components they needed to share. The team confirmed that Flutter’s plug-in community allowed them to instantly navigate a sophisticated maze of integration.

2 Watermaniac

Watermaniac belongs to the health and wellness industry. The app assists consumers in keeping track of their water usage, triggers reminders based on their usage history, and creates frequent targets. Using the Flutter framework, developers have made Watermaniac infusing lightweight components to give consumers an easy way to monitor their water usage.

Flutter has enabled the developers to manage and upgrade this application as desired effortlessly. Consequently, users can turn their mobile into a tracker that records their water intake. As a result, they can maintain a good healthy balance.

3 Nubank

With Nubank, you can easily manage your money from the palm of your hand because it is the largest independent digital bank outside of Asia. Their goal is to simplify banking for everyday people by using cloud technology and an intuitive UI. Since the Fintech company was growing expeditiously, they needed a solution to develop high quality and reach their products quickly. And they find Flutter as their rescuer.

Noe Branagan, Engineering Manager at Nubank, says,

“Having Flutter as our main technology has significantly reduced the barrier, allowing new engineers to be able to contribute to our app within days after being onboarded.”

It has allowed Nubank to scale without sacrificing quality, and many of its programmers have been able to switch to full-stack development. Flutter increased developer productivity and satisfaction. On the other hand, the easy onboarding process for Flutter means that new developers could begin contributing to the App’s success within days from onboarding.

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4 Bike

A leading online real estate platform, Beike Zhaofang offers brokerage and financial services for renters and homebuyers in China. The platform helps over 300 million families with a seamless solution to search for pre-owned or new housing for rent and sale. In addition, they can find top-quality home furnishing, décor, and many other community services.

Flutter helped the company to build core modules, such as live streaming, enchanting design, smooth animation, and more. The results of Flutter impressed the company to the extent that they also used the framework to build core functions of their other App, Beiwo Home Furnishing. It is dedicated to home furnishing services.

5 Lunching

One of the successful food delivery apps made with Flutter, Launching allows customers to order delivery food easily on their smartphones. It is one of the apps that is experimented with the new architecture. One person can order food using the App. And the payment can be made in bulk or in smaller installments by paid users.

6 Cryptograph

You can monitor and track over 1600 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Ethereum with this Flutter app, providing top-notch results. Cryptograph, a smartphone app operated by Flutter, gives users real-time market information about their desired cryptocurrency through real-time exchange rate maps. It also shows the history of the cryptocurrency’s market movement.

7 iRobot

Roomba® Robot Vacuums are iRobot’s most famous product, but the company also makes programmable robots that teach coding. Its App was originally developed in Swift, which was available only for iPads and iPhones. In order to make STEM education accessible to a broader and more diverse audience, the company wanted the App to be available on Android and the web.

Since the team required a cross-platform solution that lets them build advanced graphics and highly visual and interactive experiences, there couldn’t be any better option than Flutter. Consequently, after the Flutter implementation, they witnessed 300% monthly active users along with a 400% increase in productivity.

8 Push

When PUSH’s fans from the Android platform constantly pushed the brand for an app, the team turned to Flutter. Their choice proved accurate as the cross-platform framework allowed them to quickly release new and advanced features. Moreover, they are paired with a PUSH band to provide coaches and athletes with real-time velocity-based training data.

9 Sua Musica

Over 16000 verified artists and more than ten million monthly users use the most prominent Latin American music platform, Sua Musica. In 2020, they rewrote the entire codebase in Flutter and relaunched the App for both iOS and Android devices. The Google Mobile Ads SDK for Flutter lets developers create an exceptional user experience. And Sua Musica is an example of how developers can do just that.

10 Supernova

Flutter is the key to Supernova’s collaborative web application, a top-rated design system platform. It also allows users to import Figma designsflutter  into Supernova and export code for Flutter (or any other platform they want). The team also used Flutter to build visualization and font management layers.

When are you adding your App to the list?

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK that helps developers to create high-quality native interfaces for both iOS and Android. It has Dart as an underlying programming language, which makes it even more powerful.

Moreover, Flutter comes equipped with a set of tools called widgets for building user interfaces. Widgets are highly customizable and reusable across mobile platforms. So, you can develop your app UI that attracts maximum users.

There are countless reasons to give to use Flutter. Everything is up to you now. Would you rather launch your App on multiple channels without wasting more money and time. Or build separate apps for each platform?

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