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10 Stunning Ways To Style A Men’s Printed Shirts

We, at Tistabene, strongly believe that the language of fashion is the best kind of language. When you style an outfit by yourself, you communicate with the rest of the world without saying a single word. 

It takes time. The knowledge of being stylish at the right place, at the right time and for the right occasion is not just bestowed upon everyone.

It is a skill that ought to be learned. We acquired the skill of being moderately stylish by reading fashion magazines, watching fashion TV, and browsing men’s shirts online. 

It surely took us time to understand which men’s printed shirts should be paired with which men’s bottoms. We learned the most valuable lessons in the end and incorporate them into our lives to this day.

Don’t worry. We’re not guarding our style secrets. Instead, we’re sharing how you can style Tistabene’s printed shirts.

1. With neutral bottoms

A classic Tistabene printed shirt is going to be vibrant. So, we suggest keeping it balanced at the bottom.

Opt for black, white, or beige pants. If there is a bright color featured in the printed shirt, then feel free to match the bottom with it.

2. With jeans

A bit unconventional but wearing black jeans or denim jeans with men’s printed shirts creates an urbane effect in your outfit. 

3. Buttons…OPEN

Our stylish printed shirts will almost always have buttons at the front. 

To get a more ‘chill’ vibe, wear a plain white T-shirt underneath and wear the printed shirt over it and without buttoning up.

This kind of look works best when you’re on a beach holiday.

4. Tuck. It. In.

But only when the nature of the event you’re attending is formal and serious.

So, if it’s an office party and you have been asked to “dress it down” but still keep it professional, then we’d recommend this piece of men’s clothing. 

5. Belts

A sophisticated look laced by a touch of the whimsical? Yes, please.

Secure the printed shirt patterns for men with designer belts.

Wear a pair of recently-polished chinos and you’ll be good to go. 

6. Shorts

Printed shirt + solid-coloured shorts = Goa vibes only.

Ensure that the shorts are not printed. Otherwise, the prints of the men’s shirts will cancel them out.

REMEMBER: wearing print on print is a major fashion faux pas. 

7. Tie it at the belly

Roll up the sleeves of your men’s printed shirts, boys! And, tie the two ends of the bottom of the shirt together.

This results in a fun and laid-back look. 

8. Indo-western feels

Indo-western printed shirts for men usually feature tribal prints, abstract prints or geometrical prints.

While they are reminiscent of Indian fashion, you can jazz things up by wearing a blazer over them.

The final outfit is a fusion of the timelessness of India and the trendiness of the West. 

9. Sweater Weather

Why not wear a plain sweater over your printed shirt so that just a small amount of the shirt peeks out and makes a great style statement? 

Complete the ensemble by pairing wearing stylish pants for men. 

10. Lastly…

If you’re up for major experimentation – we recommend wearing flared pants with our printed shirts.

They add an unprecedented edge to any outfit. 

Thanks for reading. Printed shirts for men ooze an adventurous vibe and are suited best for men who love to style it up at any chance they get. 

Now, go wear your favorite men’s printed shirts with confidence and turn heads with your outfit choices. 

If you enjoy reading whatever we come up with, follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for what we come up with next.    

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