10 Tips for Being an Instagrammer

Instagram, which is a social media application where most people share their daily lives, is used by a large majority today. It contains photos, videos, reels, stories, etc. There are not only personal accounts in this application. There are also pages set up to entertain or inform people. You can also become a phenomenon on Instagram, which hosts billions of photos a day. So, how to be successful on Instagram, and what are the tricks of being a successful Instagrammer?

  1. Act with a Plan: If you are on your way to becoming an Instagram phenomenon, you need to carry out this business in a planned and regular way. Take care to share your posts at the same times at frequent intervals, not at random times and dates. This way, you can turn a clock into your own clock during the day. Again, your followers will be in your account at that time and will wait for your sharing.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Instagram: You should be aware that this platform is run entirely by artificial intelligence. By acting accordingly, you can rise much faster. For example, according to research, people prefer much shorter videos than long videos. For this, you should assemble the videos you will make as both short and entertaining. That way, you can be much more recommended by artificial intelligence.
  3. Determine Your Account Type: There are accounts on Instagram that share in many different areas. These include numerous categories such as education, games, entertainment, nature, and humor. You can also select a category and proceed through that category. For example, you can set up an account that photographs interesting ant species found in nature, or an editor who prepares montages of box competitions. Whatever you like to do in real life, you can progress in that branch.
  4. Quality Equipment: If you are taking pictures or recording videos outside, you may definitely need a quality camera. Even if you are a video montage person on the computer, a mid-range computer can save you. If you want to do this job professionally, you may need to break some money. As you do your work regularly and with quality, you can already start making money.
  5. It’s Not Just You: For example, you share videos of chess matches on Instagram. Remember that you are not the only one in this category. In order to stand out from your competitors and play to the top, you must do your job in the best quality way. By following your competitors and collecting their good features, you can run your own business more successful. The pleasant and entertaining montages you will make on your videos will not spoil the viewing pleasure of the viewer.
  6. Be Natural and Original: No matter what category you are sharing, you should do this in the most original and quality way. The more original your posts are, the faster you will progress. Because if you share what no one else has done, people will naturally understand that you are a person worth following because they see something new. You should pay attention to the quality of the shares you will share, as well as original and natural.
  7. Follow Your Own Account: You should follow how many likes, comments, and interactions the posts you make in your account have received. You can also do these statistics directly from your account, but there are also special applications for this. You can see the most detailed analysis thanks to the applications and you can be even more successful in your business.
  8. Your Account and Username: Usually, the names of such Instagram pages are short. But the important part ends in your username. Your preferred username should summarize the posts you share from your Instagram account with a maximum of 2 words. You can stay in people’s minds by choosing a short, concise, and clever name. In addition, it will be very useful for you to choose your account name so that it will appear in the first place in searches.
  9. Using Tags Properly: The interactions you will put under your posts are indispensable for Instagram. You have to choose the most beautiful tag to fall on people’s discover page. You can follow the trending tags on the internet and use them for your own category. By using tags correctly, you can improve 5-10 times faster than normal.
  10. Set up an Account in Other Application’s You can advance your business not only on Instagram but also in other applications. By advertising cross-platform, you can develop much faster and have high followers. In this way, you can appeal to more people and spread much faster.

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