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10 Top Tips on How to Study Smarter and Not Harder

Studying smart and not hard is a common statement we have heard many times before. But what are the essential tips which can help you achieve that? Well, many believe that only intelligent people score good grades. However, we firmly believe that anyone can become smart anytime by following certain practices. So let us get into the ten tips which will help you study smarter: –

1) Study in small chunks

Most believe that studying for long, continuous hours will be very productive and help them complete their studies faster. But when it is overdone, then it always has adverse effects. Instead of having a continuous routine try to break down your study time into small chunks. Instead, study for a short period, take a break, and start studying again.

This helps your brain process what you have studied without pressuring too much.

2) Write down your notes

We know that we are living in a digital era. But following some old school methods for studying is quite helpful. For example, writing on notes instead while attending lectures instead of doing it on a laptop is much more efficient. When you write down, you automatically remember what you are writing. This is a good exercise for memorizing topics, and once you follow this tip attentively, you are bound to get good results.

3) Test your knowledge

Students are scared of exams, but that is the absolute way of testing your knowledge. Apart from blindly studying, you need to test your understanding regularly to analyze your strong and weak points. Even if your school does not hold exams frequently, you can still test your knowledge by taking online exams or through sample papers.

4) Use pictures

If you did not know, studying through pictures is very effective. For the longest time, students only focus on mugging up bookish language. But instead of that, try to understand the concept and write it in your own words. To understand a challenging topic, you can go through the visually pleasing diagrams to understand the topic.  Studying from visual presentations is much easier than going through lengthy paragraphs.

5) Try out different study techniques

And with that, we come to our next trip to try different study techniques. Like the above one, you can also try out other study methods. Some involve learning through videos, learning while taking a walk, etc. Trying out different techniques breaks the monotonous pattern. In the same way, studying will make you feel bored, so why not try out new techniques no matter what everyone else says? As long as it works for you, you can try it out.

6) Find your active zone

Some people learn better at night while some study better in the morning. This difference in learning time is called a time zone. You cannot copy someone else’s schedule and hope to get the same results. This is because everyone has a different active zone. It would help to find out your active zone and then frame your study timetable accordingly. Through this method, you can do your leisure activities when you are not studying. And use your active zone more productively.

For example, Engineering students have a lot of project work. They can do it when they are not actively studying and utilize their constructive time for learning. This way, they balance their time and get good results.

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7) Don’t skip classes

Skipping the classes, you hate will affect your studies even more. There is a lot of extra information which a teacher shares in the class. Often reading complex topics through books can make the matter very difficult. However, when a teacher explains it, you have the opportunity to get more clarity and clear your doubts then and there. So don’t skip your classes and pay attention to them. After this, you go home and review the past topics you have studied.

8) Take care of your health

The next tip which we have is very crucial.  Students spend sleepless nights and hours studying. Due to this, they don’t sleep properly and neither follow a good diet. Too much caffeine and eating unhealthy food will affect you in the longer run. When you take care of your health, you will be more committed to studying without hampering your body. A tired mind and body will never give you good results.

9) Make revision a habit

Only studying is never the cure for getting good results. How often has it happened that you have learned something, but then you cannot remember it while giving exams or later on? This happens due to a lack of revision. Make revision a priority. Every weekend, go through the topics you have studied earlier to memorize effectively. Revisions are brushing up earlier topics which will help you improve your memory. Students who are through with their cases do not require Homework Help.

10) Have fun and enjoy your life

Studying gets bored when you sacrifice your life entirely and dig your head into your studies. Being this brutal on yourself will not give effective results as no one can work so well under stress. Hence try to balance out your life. Even if you are studying and have loads of homework, do not sacrifice your time to spend alone. Having “me time” will help you rejuvenate your mind and feed the reader. After all, life is not all about just books and grades.

Studying smart and getting good grades is a dream of many children. Although it might sound like a lost cause or just a myth, we firmly believe it is achievable. Although we have stated ten tips, it does not mean that you have to follow all of them together. Instead, give it one shot at a time and see what gives you the best results. When hard work is mixed with smartness, then you can do wonders.

Author bio

Ethan Taylor is a professor at the University of Ohio. He has done master’s degree in biology and has been in the teaching profession for over 6 + years. Currently, he is associated with to provide Academic Assignment Help to students and works on Essay Typer advanced tool.

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