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16 Tips to Consider Before Choosing A Web Design Company

There are a lot of important things to consider when choosing a web design company to market your business. Many business owners know that some things are best to be left at the professional end and would prefer the peace of mind that choosing the right web design company brings.

The first impression is the last impression. Indeed. If you like the design of the website you just visited, you will want to visit it again. But if you didn’t like it, you are more likely to remember not coming back to it again. This fact clearly proves this phrase.

According to a study by Review 42,

  • 48% of users believe website design is the #1 factor when judging a business’s credibility.
    38% of visitors will stop browsing a website if the layout is unattractive.
  • So, like this, there are various factors that tell us that the good web design of the brand plays an important role in the success of your business. And yes! Those factors play an important role in the success of your website.

Almost everyone who is looking for a web design company for the first time is uncertain about the selection process and the criteria. And like every intelligent decision-making process, if you define things granularly as to what you need, you will end up making the right choice.

Choosing the Right Web Design Company That Fit’s Right For Your Business

Here are my 16 tips before choosing the right web design company for your business.

Check Location and Office Size

The size and the employee strength of the company do matter a lot. So, the company shouldn’t be too small like 3-4 people and shouldn’t be too big like 100000 people. It should be closer to a small and medium-sized company so that you can be assured that they are giving their best and treating you as an important customer and not like a just-another-small-customer.

Check out some of the Websites they’ve Built Before

The previous projects always help to know their working standards through which we can go for choosing the particular company. Their previous work can tell us about their developers’ skills and expertise.

Call Them to Talk About Your Project and Set Up a Meeting

When you have a proper plot of the project then first of all you need to contact the best web design company. Talk to them over a call about the requirements you are looking for. You can focus on their way of attending calls. You can take an idea of how they are responding to your call like are they properly listening to your requirements or they just want to sell their service.

Additionally, focus on their questions and recommendations. If they are aligned to your requirements, then they are likely to have a good expertise in exactly what you want.

What CMS do they Use

Most of the web design companies use open-source CMS platforms but there are some companies that are having their own in-house CMS platforms. Every CMS has its own advantages and disadvantages and you need to find out that. So try to ask the web design company about the pros and cons of CMS they are using.

Ask for the Developers CV

Before starting any project you can definitely ask for the developer’s resume and on the basis of that, you can make a choice of which developers are suitable for your particular project.

Go through the Company’s Profile and Reviews

You can check the company’s reviews on various review platforms like glassdoor. There you can find what people are saying about that particular company.

Go through the Company’s Establishment

Well, this is not that much important but still, I would like to say that the existence time of the company does matter when you are going to choose any web design company in India because that may help in knowing the authenticity of the company.

Do they keep the Efficiency of Updating Themselves with the Change?

Well, flexibility with the latest technology is the most important aspect of website development. You need to get yourself updated with the latest technology. So, when you are going to hire web design developers, ask them if they are open to updating projects with the coming of any new technology that is required for that particular software.

Do they know about SEO and SMO?

SEO is a must for the ranking of your website and SMO for the promotion of your website. So, both these aspects matter a lot. You need to ask about these two also.

SEO helps in the proper ranking of the website by putting valuable keywords and to maintain the optimization of those keywords, those keywords are put in the blogs which are written and published on the company’s blog section.

After this SMO plays a major role in the promotion of those blogs by publishing them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, linked, and twitter.

Talk about the UX Factor in the Web Design

Ask your web design company about the user experience while keeping in mind the design of the website. Your website should respond according to the user and this will lead to the success of your website.

The concept behind the User experience is that the website should be user-friendly and should act according to the user’s requirements. They should not find any difficulty while doing any work on that particular website.

Development Process

In the initial phase of your website design, do ask your developers about the development process. If they assure you about the transparent and agile development process, then go for it because you need to know the progress of the website design during the development process.

You need to be in touch with the developers in each step of the development process as follows:

  • Planning and Analysis
  • UI/UX designing
  • Programming (front-end and back-end development)
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and support

Support and Maintenance

Although it is the after development service, it is really important for the lifetime smooth and proper functioning of the website.

Well, this is the after-development issue but you need to ask about it before the start of the website design development. Your website needs lifetime support and maintenance in case some errors or bugs come in order to spoil your website.

Make sure that the web design company will provide you with good support and maintenance that includes bug fixes, security updates, performance optimization, handling high traffic, handling spam/bot traffic, ensuring 99.5% uptime guarantee etc.

Final Words

Are you feeling confident after going through these steps for choosing a web design company? So, these are some of the tips or the steps you should take into consideration while choosing a web design company. Still, I would like to say that there are a number of web designing companies in India but you need to choose the best one which understands your requirements as well as budget at the same time.

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