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2x Audience Engagement With Reels In Different Ways Across Facebook Clone App

The launch of reels on Facebook has made quite a buzz for Android and iOS users. Reels on Facebook give users the ability to make and share short video content directly within the Facebook groups or news feed.

So, if you want to add such a fantastic feature to your Facebook clone app, then look no further. You will witness a substantial number of people engaging with your app within no time.

With the launch of inspiring and fun reels, your fans can now see great videos in their News Feed. The most appealing part of this launch is that you can create these amusing reels on your smartphones without any difficulty.

With the reel creation feature in your Facebook like app, people will now have abundant ways to express themselves. In turn, this would help in reaching out to new audiences, and improving their community. Reels on Facebook, by default, are set to be public only for creators above 18, but users can set the settings to limit access to friends.

Facebook reels have a dedicated tab on the news feed where users can see short videos. Reels feature on Facebook is similar to Instagram reels but both features work separately.

Reels on Facebook can be composed with exciting audio, effects, music, and a lot more. Audiences can find these amazing Reels in Facebook Groups too. And anyone who views a reel on your Facebook can follow that reel creator from the video directly without making any effort. Audiences can even comment, like, and share the reels with their friends.

You can also enjoy having all these stunning features in your Facebook like app.

How Reels Grow Engagement Across Facebook Clone App

With the help of Reels on the Facebook clone, creators can quickly develop a large audience in several ways across this platform:

Have Greater Visibility in News Feed:

Reels can refresh the mood and change the dull feeling into a lively one. Also, these reels can reach out to everyone, including not just your existing, but non-followers too.

The audience can see reels based on their interest. They can even see what’s trending both at the “Rooms” section and at the top of News Feeds, accompanied by Stories. In addition to this, people can also discover reels in a new, mind-blowing, dedicated section of News Feed.

Express Yourself In Groups:

To increase your group members on an app like Facebook, creators can share the reels in Groups for expressing themselves more in a unique way. Also, reels advance the fan base of your Facebook clone, and you get the chance to engage more with them in a more visual and fun way.

The Facebook-like app is especially rolling out a group setting named “Single Theme.” It is a group setting that will offer convenience to prompt members as they can share their reels.

Earn Revenue For Reels With Impressive Bonuses

The Facebook clone app is even working on offering a new bonus program that helps creators earning them money when people view more of their reels.

Additionally, the Reels Play Bonus has the plan to pay the eligible/suitable creators based on their reels’ performance or engagement. Also, it will be available on Instagram clone and Facebook clone app.

And after noticing creators welcoming the bonus program of Instagram Reels with open arms, we sincerely hope that this new bonus program will allow creators to collect huge cash from their content.

On the Facebook like app, we are working on creating an outstanding suite of creator monetization alternatives. Also, we will discover some additional opportunities for creators to earn more from their Reels.

Zoom The Boundaries Of Your Creativity With Reels

Anyone can create reels on Facebook and become an influencing creator on a global platform or simply share these reels with family and friends. Just create a reel from the top of News Feed, or you can select an amazing video clip from your gallery or camera roll or can create or capture something fresh.

Further, one can even tap Reels on News Feed’s top or in the News Feed of Groups. As you’re making reels on Facebook, you can access a variety of editing tools, including:


You can search for your favorite song from the Facebook clone app’s music library to make a reel. Also, you have the opportunity of picking up your original audio or voice by making a reel with it.

In addition to this, before capturing a clip, one can add any audio from the camera roll. Or, you have the choice of adding the audio later on after you have uploaded or captured a clip.

One can even make reels with original audio from different public reels by choosing “Use Audio” from the reel of other people. Well, in the Facebook clone app, it is easier for creators to deal with the audio section and make fun reels.

AR Effects

You can pick from augmented reality effects available from the Facebook clone app’s AR library which also consists of effects from creators.  These effects are either created by third-party or Facebook clone app developers for recording multiple clips with distinct effects.

Countdown And Timer

For recording your clips, set the timer and record your video hands-free without having to press the shutter button. 


Users can Slow down or speed up your video while recording. It will help creators to make slow-motion videos or will help them in staying on a beat.


You can combine multiple clips in one reel by selecting them from your gallery or recording them together.

Another essential thing to mention in the Facebook clone app development is that you can change your audience, including Friends, Public, or Friends Except, anytime you want. Once the reel has been created, users can share it on their Facebook news feed.


So, if you want the stunning addition of reels in your Facebook clone app, too, then contact our experienced Android and iOS developers today to know more about this entertaining feature. We have vast expertise in developing result-driven facebook clone apps.

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