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3 Simple Ways To Skyrocket Your Instagram Followers Via TikTok

At the beginning of 2021, up to 650 million users were active every month on TikTok. Over a billion users use Instagram every month. Now people with profiles on both networks could link their accounts. This way, TikTok becomes a perfect tool for raising Instagram followers. 


Why TikTok To Boost Instagram Followers?

Most brands identify the increasing rate in their following since they connect with TikTok. TikTok acquires the unique algorithm and brings the videos to go viral quickly. Top social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter also seem insignificant when it comes to business sources. Instagram plays a massive digital marketing strategy since many thought it was just a photo platform.


How Could You Boost Instagram Followers Via TikTok?

Merging audiences between Instagram and TikTok begins with making engaging content on both networks. It allows you to gain your TikTok following too. Also, there are other steps to drive traffic between Instagram and TikTok.

     Include Your Instagram Profile To Your TikTok Profile

You could include your Insta link in the bio section on TikTok and vice versa. TikTok accounts have an exact place to place your Instagram link, and you could share TikTok video content on Instagram. It makes it easier for your followers to access content on another platform. If you acquire massive followers on TikTok, it’s a perfect way to grow your Instagram following.

     Add The Exact Images, Logos, And Branding On Both Networks

It makes it easier for the audience to grab what they are viewing. There are famous logos we could recognize easily even if we see the image’s half portion. Logos such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Coca-Cola are more familiar for us because they are the withstanding marketing companies and grab auto likes on Instagram instantly whenever they post content on the platform. It helps them to have a high reach. 

If you run a small business, your brand needs consistency in every platform you have signed up for. Utilize the exact image, logo, cover image, and username on all the platforms if possible. It makes your existing and target clients get you when they use their favorite source.


     Promote Your IG Content On TikTok’s Caption Or Video

Influencers who utilize both networks would often share their TikTok video content on Instagram. This video content displays the profile picture and username, making the audience quickly find you on other networks even if the post doesn’t acquire any links. Also, you can add the preview video content on TikTok and ask the audience to get the rest of the video on your Instagram page. This way, you could gain more followers on Instagram with simple steps.

You have the option to save the video content on your mobile device when you share videos on TikTok. It becomes an easy job resharing video content on other networks such as Twitter and Facebook, which helps you grow your following rate on respective platforms. By making engaging content on both networks, you provide an excellent reason for your TikTok fans to follow you on IG too.

Maintaining your social media profiles updated is one of the most effective ways to build your company’s social media marketing strategies. If you need to work with social media strategies effectively to reap success, you should grow your followers first. Cross-promoting your content helps you attain maximum traffic to your source post and also helps in increasing your follower rate if you have creative content on your page.


Summing Up

We hope you have gathered the ideas and tricks mentioned above to skyrocket your Instagram following with the help of TikTok platform. Integrating TikTok into Instagram gives you more engagements and more new potential followers from the same interest.

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