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5 Biggest Smartphone Issues and How to Fix Them

Are you interested to know the biggest smartphone issues and their solutions? As we all know that technology is enhancing every year. But technology is not always perfect so it is possible that you may experience different issues. These issues may be related to the Samsung a70 screen, battery, charging port, and many more. If you are facing some problem presently then this article is for you. You read this post before thinking about the Samsung phone repair. We will describe all the issues and their solutions in this blog post. You can solve all the issues by yourself and save yourself precious money.

Biggest Smartphone Issues and their Fixes:

  1. Slow Speed of Phone:

These days there is nobody left who didn’t face this issue because we all are doing our daily tasks in digital form. While doing regular activities we need such kinds of apps to fulfill all the tasks. These tasks are payment, shopping, video calling, and many more.

 Newer device users also face these kinds of issues in their daily life. After some time your phone’s memory gets full. This will result that your phone’s tends to respond slowly. 


You should delete or uninstall all unused apps and files in a periodic manner or weekly. After installing some apps you may also feel that your phone is not working well then uninstall it. If after uninstalling your phone run faster then use the lite version of that application. 

You can also save your data on Google Drive, Dropbox. If your phone is hang-up you can restore it to factory data.

  1. Battery Problem:

In this era, every smartphone manufacturer is trying to make the best battery backup. But today we all work our all tasks in digital form. Due to all the daily usage of phone creates the battery issue.


For saving the battery you should try to dim the screen brightness and turn off the GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and heavy application. Only use turn ON while using them. There are many factors that affect the life of your mobile battery so you should consider all of them.

 You have to take steps as soon as possible because draining more battery usually affects the whole working of your phone.

  1. Overheating of Smartphones:

This problem is indirectly related to your phone battery due to over usage of the smartphone. You should watch carefully all the parameters of all working applications of your mobile. Sometimes there is an issue with your phone charger. If you ignore this may seriously damage your phone battery and phone screen.


Place your phone at normal temperature because it is a very crucial point for your gadget. The too cold and hot temperature is badly affecting your device. Direct sunlight is also not good for your device’s health.

  1. Storage is out of Space:

We all save our data on our phones in digital form. While going on any long trip we want to save our memorable pictures, videos, and many more. In this digital world, we want to take high-resolution pictures that hold a large area of your memory. Many files that you have may be not useful for the long term but we forget to delete them. 


Try to delete them after some time. This will help you to provide you space for new data. But if you still need all the files to hold then use SD cards for additional space. You can also transfer those files to keep with you on an online cloud or micro cards.

  1. App Freezes:

This issue is very annoying in the middle of working. Sometimes this will happen due to bugs or maybe operating system issues. All apps owners are updating their content, adding options, and adding information for improving the performance on a regular basis.

 But sometimes your phone is not working properly with the latest version and starts crashing all the time.


You should restart your cell phone and start the app again. Even you can go to the App Manager and halt the app to cleaning the cache data. Try to uninstall and install again sometimes it works.

  1. Downloading Problem of Apps:

The downloading problem occurs due to a corrupt cache and there is also an issue from the developer side. This issue is not big you can resolve it in few steps.


You have to clean the history of Google Play services. You can restart your cell phone and try to download again the app that you want to use.

  1. Micro SD Card Working Problem:

As we discussed above that space issues happen generally but sometimes micro SD card does not work properly. Your phone is not detecting the micro SD cards.


There may be an error in your micro SD card that your phone is not recognizing. Try to connect the card reader to your laptop and format the card a minimum tow times. Then restart your phone and insert the micro SD card again. This may help you a lot in detecting SD cards via phone.

  1. Damaged Charging Port:

This problem is due to the collecting of dust and cloth fiber over the charging port. This layer is eventually filling the port with dirt. The dust layer is the cause of deterioration. If this issue is minor then you can resolve it but if it is major. Then you need to be solved them with an expert.


You should clean all the small ports and jacks of your phone. While cleaning the ports you can use a toothpick and cotton for removing the dirt. Don’t put too much pressure on the toothpick because it may break and be left in the hole. This will create a major issue and you may pay a huge amount to resolve it.

  1. Connectivity Problem:

Sometimes there is an issue with making connections through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can solve this issue by using some simple tricks.


It is recommended to you that you should enable the airplane mode for a few minutes and then try to connect again. Generally, this issue is due to occasionally turning ON and OFF the connection and try to connect it again.

  1. Synchronization Fails:

While synchronizing your account with specific apps there is the issue of connection failure. This problem is solved in few steps.


First of all, you should check the internet. Then analyze that the services are working properly or not. Verify your password that it is not correct and then try again. You can also add the work to your account.

  1. Unsent Message Problem:

While doing the text someone many a time you face the issue of message not being sent, retry, try over again to send the same message. This alert is annoying when there is important information you want to share.


Before thinking about the issue of the system you should check your Wi-Fi that your connection is working properly or not. Then click on the resend option. If even now you get the same issue then you have to restart and try to download another message service app.

Final Thought

Now you are capable to troubleshoot the minor issues of your smartphone. It is better to check your device by yourself before giving it to a Samsung phone repair shop. No doubt there are so many problems that you face in your daily life while using your smart gadget. These problems are such as the battery, Samsung a70 screen, and charging port. But you can remove all these issues using the tips given in this blog.

Thanks for reading!

Please forward this article to your dear or loved ones, and family. So they can able to know smartphone issues and their solutions. 

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