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5 Habits To Prevent Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is the infection in your lower rectum/anus part, may it be internal or external. This can cause pain in your anus part, a flow of blood in your rectum, and give you a hard time losing bowels. Hemorrhoids get swollen to a majority of weighty people, pregnant women, low-fiber intake. Also, the people who have constant diarrhea. To treat hemorrhoids even at home is not inevitable for it is treatable with the right actions taken by the professionals, especially in the time of quarantine where patients cannot get admitted in hospitals. Here are 5 habits to cure or prevent hemorrhoids.

Don’t Force to Push Bowels

Too much force can make your rectum swollen and could lead to hemorrhoids. What is best is to know your body when to sit on the toilet so that you will not take long and you will not push/force the bowels way out.

Don’t Take too Long Sitting on the Toilet

If you take too long in the toilet, it can strain your veins and muscles. You would not like that because hemorrhoids can be analyzed as “varicose veins” of the rectum. So stop getting entertained by your phones on the toilet or else you have the risk of having hemorrhoids.

Eat Fibrous Food

Increasing fiber in your body is helpful for your stool. Loose and watery stools can cause diarrhea and diarrhea can lead to hemorrhoids but with the help of fiber, it can absorb water forming your stool into solid and hardened ones which is ideal but not too hard, so make sure you don’t have less or too much fiber. The right amount will suffice. Fibrous foods include: banana, apple (with skin), beans, popcorn, high-carb foods, wheat bread, nuts, and cereals. As you may notice, these foods can replace snacks like junk food and soft drinks, so try these snacks as an alternative to improve your digestive systems’ health. 

Exercise Regularly

If you exercise accordingly and regularly, your body will have the fluidity it needs to function better. Intestines, the brain, heart, stomach can actively move therefore stool will not be stuck and this means less chance of hemorrhoids. Exercise can actually hit two birds with one stone because you are already improving your muscles and forming your stance, you also make your organs proactive and functional.

Over-the-Counter Medicines

You could never go wrong in seeing the professionals.  Getting proper medical attention from doctors and/or nurses will surely prevent you from having hemorrhoids or cure you (if you already have one). Just remember that the COVID virus is still out there seeking hosts to spread so make sure to follow safety precautions and sanitize your body regularly.

Key Takeaway

Hemorrhoids can surely be painful with it having swollen more and more, plus the fact that it can be internal or external or even both. Proper diet, exercise, and check-up will lead you to a hemorrhoid-free body and literally any other diseases that you can think of but remember to not make it too much because a little too much is harmful to the body. Stay healthy and avoid that pain in the ass.

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