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5 Most Original Ideas For Kid’s Room 2022

Kid’s room 2022: our tips for every corner

Kids also have a right to their space for their personal development. It is essential to organize their room as well as possible with furniture and decoration adapted to the age and taste of each one. There are no special rules for setting up a child’s room, you can transform your child’s world very easily.

A bed suitable for sweet dreams

The kids bed is the essential part of your child’s room. It must be suitable for his age and size. If it’s still a toddler, the crib will provide safety and comfort. You can opt for a convertible bed that you can reuse as it grows. Or you can opt for a bunk bed if you have several children who share the same room. This will allow you to save space and devote a play area to it.

An office like the grown-ups

If your child has just returned to school, it is necessary to set up an office area for him to feel like working in his room. The choice of office is crucial in creating the desire to settle there. It must also be adapted to the size of the child: neither too high nor too low. It must contain storage space to teach it to be tidy. If it’s still just a toddler, still think about the reading corner, a space with a few beanbags and a choice of books on shelves that are easy for your child to access.

Amazing Kids' Room 2022
Amazing Kids’ Room 2022

Furnish a child’s room: create a playful space

A children’s room without a play area? Not impossible. So plan a space on the floor where your child can have free play. A fur rug for girls or an illustration circuit rug for boys will be perfect for the play area and for lying on the floor. For this play corner, you can also install a hut or a teepee, which you can easily make yourself. In addition to offering them an additional hiding place, the Indian tent or the cabin will bring entertainment and style to a child’s room.

The drawing corner

To develop the artistic spirit of your children, consider a space for drawing and manual activities. All you need to do is set up a few shelves, a small drawing table, or a roll of paper attached to the wall for larger drawings. To prevent all your walls from being filled with scribbles, opt for slate paint on an entire section of wall or on a dedicated area. The kids will have a blast!

Efficient storage

To avoid the mess, think about storage! Above all, the child must be able to find his way around and want to tidy up himself after playing. There are many ways to store toys. You can opt for crates or colored boxes, storage bins under the bed or shelves. For the more orderly, you can label each box by types of toys.

Night lighting

For a kids room, lighting is also an important detail. The light should be scattered in small doses. By a night light, a garland, or a bedside lamp to reassure your children. A ceiling light with a beautiful shade may also be suitable. Going to bed will be easier with soft, soothing lighting. The bulb must not be exposed, as this could attack their fragile eyes. You can also opt for a dimmer, which is very practical to adapt the lighting according to the day.

The little decorative touch

Decoration is also a key point to make your children feel good in their room. Whether it is a boy or a girl, the choice of colors and decoration is important. You may not want to change the paint when your child gets older. In this case, you can opt for bright white or soft beige. These two colors will match very well with any style and will easily match with other colors. It is preferable to opt for soft and pastel colors, especially towards the sleeping area. In the bedroom, choose one or two colors, but for the furniture you can diversify the collections and styles for a unique and cozy result.

In terms of decoration, there is something for everyone but pompoms, stars and stickers are essentials of the children’s room decoration trend. Scandinavian is the style that could best match a child’s room, thanks to the soft textures and soft wood. Arranging and decorating a child’s room requires a minimum of thought to make him feel good there. Practical, safety or even aesthetic aspects: we take stock.

The bedroom is for the child a real place of life: he sleeps there, plays there, works there and takes refuge there. It is therefore essential that he feels good in his field. To define the decoration of the child’s room, it is necessary to take into account his age, his personality and his desires. To do this, choose the theme and the color in accordance with it. Do you prefer a marine theme and it is more football-related? Leave him a piece of wall or an empty cupboard, so that he can pin and pin the photos of his idols at leisure. Or plan a shelf for his medals, cups and other celebrations. Finally, the frieze solution can be ideal for a small discreet but effective touch of the style of your choice.

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