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5 Things to note when hiring a Singapore food photographer

Singapore is known not only as a progressive business district. It is also the place to be when it comes to good sights, and better yet, good food. A mix of both high-end restaurants and hawker houses, for sure any local or tourist will want to indulge in the many delicious foods that Singapore has to offer. Ranging from local Singaporean cuisine to French Michelin 5-Star restaurants by famous chefs such as Daniel Boulud, you won’t be disappointed with the array of delicious food that surrounds you. In order to achieve beautiful and appealing photos of your food you need to hire a Singapore food photographer expert.

From small to medium-sized businesses to big corporations, the food industry continues to grow and thrive despite the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many start-up home businesses are being established, let alone food businesses within the comfort of people’s homes. Food delivery services such as Food Panda and Grab are thriving since most customers would opt to have food delivered to them versus eating out since it is safer and there is less risk of getting exposed to the virus.

There are no stopping food businesses now. The best avenue for them to promote their products is online through eCommerce websites, email marketing, and social media platforms. Thus, there is a dire demand for food photography Singapore entity that can capture the essence of the food products being sold to customers.

What is Food photography?

Food Photography is the genre of photography that entails capturing still-life images of food. Basic photography abides by basic principles of photography such as good lighting, rule of thirds, basic cropping, avoiding dead center capturing, and good composition, to name a few. Since social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become so popular in promoting food, it is no surprise that the demand for food photography Singapore entity has increased drastically. The food photography Singapore platform has become a popular avenue for photographers to capture their works of art as well.

Principles of Food Photography

Before considering food photography Singapore experts for capturing your food products, it is important to note the principles behind what makes a good food photo. Below are two basic principles that photographers need to abide by:

# 1 Good Lighting

Natural lighting vs. studio lighting are two things to consider when taking good food photography. Natural lighting is always ideal since it is more cost-efficient and there is less adjustment when it comes to angling the food subject. When it comes to studio lighting, basic lighting principles involve whether your subject looks better in warm lighting versus cool lighting. The theme of your food photography matters. It is connected to the brand image you want to portray. Are you photographing desserts? Depending on the color of your dessert, the lighting will change.

# 2 Background and composition

If you want to highlight just the food itself without having to add other elements in the background, the safest color to go for is a white background. A lot of businesses prefer simple and clean food products to stand out so they go for white. But if your branding entails other colors such as blue, pink, etc., the suggested background color would normally match the logo or packaging of the brand.

Adding fun and striking elements to your food subject is also a good idea if you want a standout look and feel for your photos. It would add more vibrance and tell a larger story in the photos that are captured.

Composition is also very important as how you want your food subject to be arranged within the frame. Photographers normally advise against dead center shots because it makes the image look flat or uninteresting. Going for a cropped or side angle adds more dimension to the food subject you are capturing.

Advantages of hiring a Singapore food photographer

As we mentioned the important elements of food photography, what are 5 things to consider when hiring a Singapore food photographer? Read below and discover what would help you scout for a Singapore food photographer that would align with your goals as a food brand:

#1 Professional and pleasant to work with

In hiring a Singapore food photographer, one must consider the professionalism of the person or company they are hiring. It always helps to read reviews online or ask colleagues or people you know if they can recommend Singapore food photographers that are not only professional but are pleasant to work with. If the working experience is good, the work output will also be good.

#2 Adaptable

It is important for a Singapore food photographer to be adaptable to the client they are working for to get the client’s money’s worth. If, for example, the client wants a rustic feel to his or her food photography, it is important that the Singapore food photographer adapts to what the client wants even if he or she thinks their idea might work better. It is important to note, however, that the photographer must also communicate if they cannot deliver exactly what the client wants given certain limitations. You should meet halfway.

It is also important for a Singapore food photographer to know the food he or she is shooting well enough. It is also important to make sure he or she shoots the food in a way that makes it look the best. There are no shortcuts when it comes to food photography. Singapore food photographers must shoot food in a natural way so viewers are not distracted easily.

#3 Good eye for detail and up to date with trends

It is important that the Singapore food photographer is astute with his or her craft. He is updated also with the latest food photography trends so that he or she can input good ideas to the client and execute accordingly.

#4 Good compensation package

Since times are more challenging and everyone’s goal now is to save. It is good to find a good Singapore food photographer that offers good service. a Singapore food photographer with reasonable prices as well.

#5 Good editing skills

It is important that the Singapore food photographer that you hire has astute editing skills. The usual photo editing platforms used are either Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. In using a phone, choose from many phone photography apps available such as VSCO cam and Snapseed, to name a few.

factors to consider while selecting a Singapore food photographer

It is essential to work with a reputed Singapore food photography business. Their abilities and efforts have the power to save or destroy your business. There are a few considerations when it comes to eCommerce product photography.

#1 Expertise

It is critical that you take note of what they know. While hiring a professional food photographer in Singapore is an investment, you can be certain of receiving high-quality pictures.

It’s critical to ascertain their degree of expertise since it may have an effect on the photographs they produce. Due to the diversity of cuisine and restaurants, try should strongly consider selecting a photographer who has experience working in the same culinary industry. They will be able to showcase your goods efficiently in this way.

#2 Budget

You should also examine the cost of these items. Budgets should be based in accordance with the intended outcome. Bear in mind that a low price does not always indicate a good bargain. You should be able to maximize your investment.

#3 It’s time to pivot

Additionally, it is important to monitor how quickly they rectify the condition. How long do you believe they will take to complete your project? If the food photographer Singapore company takes an unreasonable amount of time to reply. There’s a big chance the product launch will be postponed.

#4 Capacity for excellence

It’s equally important to evaluate your photographer’s expertise when it comes to food photography. What initiatives are they involved in? Is there any prior experience with them in your field? Each of these factors has the potential to have an effect on the outcome.

#5 Interaction

It’s also critical to consider how you’ll interact with your food photographer. A skilled Singapore food photographer should be able to keep you updated on the status of your assignment. Determine if they are capable of creating a mockup or rough draft of the final product. You should be in a position to communicate effectively with them.

#6 Completed product

Additionally, it is critical to evaluate the deliverables they may be able to provide. Is there a diverse variety of output choices available? Is it possible for them to ship large quantities of goods? You should be able to maximize your investment.

Avail of a Singapore food photographer services today

Based on what you read above, does the thought of food photography Singapore platforms excite you? Do you know of people looking for a Singapore food photographer or maybe you are looking for one yourself? For current or aspiring food businesses, Digital Solutions might be the agency that you are looking for. Digital Solutions is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Food photography is just one of the services they offer to clients within an array of services. They also catered to develop your eCommerce, social media, and other digital marketing needs.

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