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5 Tips For Creating A Captivating Photo and Print

Nowadays, anyone can create a great photo or marketing collateral without the help of any professional photo printing lab services. As long as you have your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can create boundless creatives that you want to. 

Need a new menu for your business? No worries. Need to upload a new product promotion online? That photo app has you covered. With all the free software and applications that you can use online, it’s easy to beautify and level up your marketing game in this digital world. 

But, no matter how many creatives you make, it just gets harder to create one that will set you apart from the sea of digital art. It’s even harder now to set your work apart from everyone else, no matter how great your photo or print is. Now, it all just seems like we are in a race to choose the greatest out of the best. 

If you feel that way, don’t worry. You are not the only one who’s facing the same dilemma. In this article, let’s discuss how we can create better and more captivating snaps and prints that will surely ace the reels. 


1. Start with a purpose and work with what you have

First, start with a purpose. Identify the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of your photo or print. Is it for a business, remarketing, or advertising? After you identify the purpose of the photo or print that you plan to make, start to visualise how you will execute it. 

For example, the purpose of your new project is to remarket a product that you plan to increase its sales. You can then start to map out an improved version of the previous collateral that you used before. If before, you used a simple photo of the item that you were promoting, this time you can try and go for a lifestyle shot instead.

If your previous project didn’t seem to attract your target audience, you can draw a better storyline from the previous photo or print that aligns with your previous theme. It’s okay if you can’t map out a theme or idea right away. Try to look around the resources that you currently have. From there, see if you can correlate your current resources into a theme that matches your product and purpose. 

If you feel like you can’t seem to target the right concept that you have in mind, if you can, consider working with a professional photography lab. With their expertise, you can tell them the concept and feel of the photo that you want to capture. They can help you execute a better story that shows the intent of the shot. 


2. Target the ‘emotions’ and add some wit 

After you conceptualise the theme that you want to evoke in your photos and prints, think about how you’d connect it to the audience. For example, you are to shoot a film processing shop. Maybe you can go for a storyline where the subject finds old, blurry films of her, and her grandparents. You can show in the photo how the other half of the film can be enhanced and revived with the help of that film processing shop. 

Or if you are marketing a photo printing service, add some wit if you can. Don’t be afraid to add some short texts if you must. If you feel that the photo won’t be enough for people to understand the wit, add a short phrase to support it. 

One of the important aspects of a captivating photo is that it connects to the audience instantly. You don’t have to connect on a personal level right away because it can be hard at first to try to reach that. The goal is, to connect with their interests and needs right away. Try to relate your concept from the mundane things to the simple joys that occur daily. 

If you can produce a shot that captivates the emotions of the audience and has some wit with it, there’s no doubt that your snap or marketing print will surely trend instantly. 


3. Choose the right colours

Another important factor that marketers value is colour. They say that a colour can either make or break your brand. Though of course, that’s not the only case that determines the success of your brand, but colours matter for a reason.

Though it can be hard to shoot a lifestyle and item shot that revolves around a certain colour theme, big brands do it. And, it works. One company that does this best is Apple. If you notice, every time they announce a new event or product, they use a certain colour theme for it. 

Though things like this are not a deal-breaker for the majority, they affect how the market perceives a certain item or brand. If you focus on a certain colour theme, it automatically stays with the market. They’ll know that those hues represent your brand. 

If you shoot a lifestyle shot, try to integrate your brand’s colour theme into it. You can do so through the colour of the shirt or pants used by the subject. Or even through the colour of the filter that you plan to use. It may not be a deal-breaker, but it changes the deal of how your brand is perceived by the majority.


4. Choose the right medium for your prints and shots

Though almost everything is digital nowadays, most businesses still rely on professional photo printing services for their operation. It is still vital and will always be. Now, just like colours, some people don’t mind if your product’s packaging is great or not. But again, it affects the professionalism and class of your brand.

If you prefer a matte finish for your packaging, go for a matte one for all your collateral as well. One thing to take note of is consistency. If your physical store’s posters and advertisements are all matte, your packaging should be matte too. 

Look for a professional photo printing shop that you can partner with for your products’ prints. Photo printing shops offer various choices that you can use as mediums for your snaps and prints. If your concept is matte, you can choose to have them printed in an aluminium-matte finish to add class and elegance. 

Be consistent with the medium that you choose and make sure that it is of high quality. 


5. Integrate your photo into presentations for collateral

Lastly, if you wish to have a captivating collateral print for your business, it’s time to combine all 4 tips discussed and use them for presentations. If you plan to expand your target digitally, all you have to do is create a theme that revolves around your concept. 

Create a layout that matches the colour theme of your shots. Add some layers to your shots using frames and texts. Make sure that you maximise your photos for collateral. If you are planning to open a website, this is where the presentation comes in.

Remember, your photos serve as your tool that attracts potential markets to your business. All you have to do is create the right theme that will perfectly showcase your shots. In your website or any other collateral that you plan to make, minimise the usage of bold texts as much as possible.

Avoid beating around the bush and provide all necessary information. If you can, avoid unnecessary details, that only make it seem complex. Stay minimal with using texts and if you can, let your photos do the talking. 


There are more tips, but these 5 will help you get started

There are more advanced and detailed tips that you can integrate and use for your business. But, these 5 steps discussed will surely get you started to up your marketing game. It’s harder now to set your brand apart from the rest, but with the right photo and strategy, you’ll surely appeal to the right market instantly. 


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