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6 Expert Tips for Post Party Cleaning 

Hosting the parties at your place instead of outside seems a great and convenient option initially. Home parties saves you a significant amount of time and money that otherwise would not be possible if you planned the party outside.

The party is all about endless fun, laughter, and countless memories spent with each other until it is time to clear out all the mess when the party’s over. The one in who is hosting the house party knows the struggle of cleaning the mess and living room after the party is over.

The post party cleaning is what leaves you wondering where to begin and where to end. And in most cases, fake cleaning your house won’t work at all. If you can afford it, you can hire after party cleaners and let them clean for you. But no need to panic if you’re short on money. Simply follow the things in an organized manner and you are all set to go.

Here are some expert tips to make use of once you are done with the party in the post mentioned below.

Expert Tips Post Party Cleaning

Post-Party cleaning after the party, there are two kinds of cleaning. One kind of person is those who like to clean the mess right after the party is over. But others like to do it the next day.

Consequently, let’s learn the post party cleaning tips for both kinds of people and make things easier for them.

Same-day post party cleaning tips

Cleaning immediately right after the party is over will ensure that there are no stains left post the cleaning. Here are the tips you can make use of to clean the house on the same day.

Get a trash bag

The very first thing you need to do is to get a trash bag to collect the garbage or tissues thrown here and there by the guests. There might be food scraps left on the plates which if left unattended can invite the ants. Consequently, ensure to collect all this garbage in the bin.

Leftover food

No food should be left lying open on the table. Doing so will spoil the food. So the best practice is to collect all the leftover food and keep it in the fridge so that you can consume it the next day hence reducing the wastage.

Kitchen counters

The snacks and meals prepared in the kitchen for the guests coming to your house often make the kitchen dirty. Consequently, once the party is over, use a damp cloth and cleaning spray or solution to clean the kitchen counters.

Get rid of stains

These days usually everyone has the carpets lined all over the floors in the house. If this is so, then the party must have left some stains on your carpet and floors which you should treat right at the spur of the moment.

Sort all dishes

Collect all the dishes and load the dishwasher to clean them the very next day. If the dishes are minimal only, then prefer to do them the same day as it will not take much time to clean them.

Post party cleaning tips for the next day

Some lazy people have no energy left after the party is over and prefer to clear out the mess the next morning. If you belong to such a group, then the below-mentioned tips are meant for you.

Wipe furniture

Once you are done with cleaning the stains the same day, the next day, you can start with wiping away all the dirt and dust off the furniture. You can make use of the microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner for clearing the dirt off the furniture.

Clean washrooms

Using the washrooms by the guests when you have organized the party at your home is obvious. But don’t forget that you also have to clean the washrooms the next day. Firstly, spray the disinfectant on the washroom walls and then wipe off the surfaces with a clean cloth.

Run the dishwasher

The next morning, clean all the dishes you have kept in the dishwasher. Washing the dishes will not consume much time of yours.

Vacuum the floor

It is best to collect the dry dirt with a vacuum cleaner. The multiple guests at the party must have led to the dirt inside your house. Make sure to vacuum the floor deeply, especially from under the chairs, tables, and other furniture presents in your house.

Deep kitchen cleaning

The next significant spot in your house which deserves a deep cleaning after the party is the kitchen. The areas likely to be dirtier and get more grease are the stovetop and kitchen sink due to which, deep cleaning is essential. Remember to keep the refrigerator sparkling and organized.

Make a cleaning solution consisting of warm water and vinegar as it is super effective in removing grease from the steel and glass surfaces.

Use professional cleaning services

The working-class people are busy with their jobs and have no time to clean their homes. They are always looking for professional cleaning services to make their job easier. If you are also looking for professional cleaning services, then weekend maids are the best one for you. You can seek service from us on demand, weekly, or on a biweekly basis. Besides this, we also have flexible pricing models that fit your budget.

Wrapping Up

Using all these tips mentioned above, every household can easily clean their house or living room after the house party. Everyone should try to get rid of the mess the very next day and should not keep the thing accumulated for the next day. Reach out to Weekend Maids for the after-party cleanup.

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