6 Free Meme Makers to Help You Make Your Own Shareable Images

Meme generators are now becoming an essential part of our digital conversations. Many smartphones and messaging apps feature meme keyboards, so you can forego words entirely by communicating exclusively with these images. An image can be worth a thousand words, although a meme can cost millions.

Although there are thousands of hilarious memes floating around the internet, you can make your own to capture inside jokes with the best relatable moments. In that case, you should use the free meme generators to share your custom creations easily.

Filmora Free Meme Generator

Filmora provides a free online meme maker who works with videos, GIFs, and images. Make and save your memes even when it does not have a watermark.

Best of all, there’s no reason to sign up or create your account—drag and drop your best file or paste a link to begin creating your meme.


  • Helps multiple formats like jpg, png, gif, and mp4)
  • The drag then drop function make it a bit simple to use
  • Put your text anywhere
  • Customize font size, color, with position


Canva gives you professionally designed templates with thousands of free stock photos for you to use for your memes.

Alternatively, you may also upload your images to make fun, unique memes with customized fonts and text colors.

 Canva gives over 5000 complete customizable, flexible meme templates which you can customize to your plans. Plus, there are above 2 million watermark-free images to select from.


  • Thousands of free stock pictures are available
  • Option of adding filters to your meme pictures
  • Add your friends and make the team collaborate
  • get access to millions of stock pictures, photos, icons, stickers, speech bubbles, and other graphics

Make a Meme

With Meme generator,  you may browse thousands of today’s most common themes through categories, such as Celebrity Memes, Gaming Memes, and Donald Trump memes.

Go for an image from one of these famous memes, then add your top and bottom text, or you can decide to upload your images for a customized meme.

Log in with Facebook or make a username with the password to use the generator.


  • Make your customized top text, bottom text, and title
  • Upload your images or select from thousands of standard default memes


Quickmeme also enables its users to upload an image to make their memes from scratch quickly. Or choose an image from most spread memes, then add your captions using the “caption a meme” function.

To set up your account and save your creations, you will have to log in with Facebook.


  • Upload images to make custom memes, or add your captions to images from popular memes.
  • Browse the prevalent memes of today.


Imgur is the image that hosts and shares app commonly known among social media users with social news sites, like Reddit and Twitter.

However, the site also shows an accessible and straightforward meme-making tool. Upload your image or select from the site’s default ones.


  • Browse the most common popular memes of the day
  • Choose a default meme image or upload your background


Kapwing is another standard tool for making memes that playoff various topics, current events, and the latest news.

 Select a trending meme template, remix the template with your images, videos with text. This shows that you can generate a viral meme in just a few clicks. Kapwing is very free to use. To create memes that have no watermark, you need to sign in to your Kapwing account.

 Kapwing enables you to make memes with your friends. All you have to do is share a link with the editor, and your friends can continue editing the style then make you see changes in real-time. When you prefer, still you can also use Kapwing Meme Generator to make memes from scratch.


Now that you have known the best six free tools for making a funny image, GIFs, and video memes. Using an online meme generators is like being in on a secret—the secret to creating an impressive meme that does not need professional software.

 Now you can start creating your masterpiece and have your followers wonder how you did it. Take advantage of these meme tools to link you with your audience, enhance engagement, and boost exposure through meme-based humor.

It’s simple, easy, and fun. The best part with this is that you can use them all for free! No watermarks, no ads, and also most of them don’t need you to sign up.


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