7 Home Hacks from Cleaning Services in El Paso TX

Hacks are one-of-a-kind techniques that you probably never imagined would save you time, money, or your health. However, cleaning Services in El Paso TX has specialists that have cleaned their own house or business and have seen it all, and they are full of cleaning tips for you. Also, please let us know what you tried, what worked, and what didn’t.

Cleaning Services in El Paso tx
Cleaning Services in El Paso tx
  1. Nuke Your Sponges

Bacteria and germs may contaminate the sponge’s dishwashing. Wet it and microwave it for 30 seconds while keeping an eye on it. Allow it to sit for a minute before removing it, as it will be sticky!

  1. Clean Slotted Vents

You still don’t have the same equipment as Cleaning Services in El Paso TX, and you’ve been without a vacuum for years. There’s no need to be concerned; wipe slotting gaps or shutters with a wet cloth wrapped around a butter knife. It was simple and didn’t necessitate the purchase of any additional equipment.

  1. How to Get Rid of Discolorations and Sticky Gunk in a Safe Way

Vinegar may be used to remove water stains from the roof area. To remove soap scum, combine the same vinegar and soap dish. Typically, a laundry service uses cleaners that are ineffective against long-term water stains. Allow time for the water to drain before rinsing with a toothbrush or sponge.

  1. Spot Clean Grease

Ribbing alcohol and salt are easily removed from woven furniture and carpets. Rub four parts of one piece of salt and one part of alcohol onto the pig. Then wait for it to dry! You’ll discover a Cleaning Services in El Paso TX knows how to deal with a variety of tints, so let them know if there’s a problem.

  1. Sop up Glass

It’s not pleasant when glass smashes on the ground. The small chards will show days later if you can see the larger major portions! Collect small slivers of glass with a soft bread slice instead of cutting yourself or pulling them about the soil with a mop or broom.

  1. Roll up Glitter

Using a similar method, you may gather glass with bread, playdoh, or a lint roller and slip or grit with a lint roller. Cleaning Services in El Paso TX understands that you’re working on several creative projects at the moment, and this tip will certainly preserve your health.

Cleaning Services in El Paso tx
Cleaning Services in El Paso tx
  1. Steam Clean the Microwave

Heat the water to a simmer in a bottle or cup, then add a toothpick and equal parts water and vinegar (the time will depend on your microwave, but it is usually 4-6 minutes). To remove the vapor and clean the microwave, open the door. All of the trapped food was loosed by the mist, and no harsh chemical cleansers were required.

How to safely maintain your home From Covid-19

As always, Cleaning Services in El Paso TX may wipe down common areas and high-touch surfaces. However, we were hoping you’d notice that, while all of these are part of our regular cleaning, Cleaning Services in El Paso TX pay special attention to finding and disinfecting touchscreen surfaces. Unless someone gets a negative test result, we may not allow them to deal with signs or have experience with someone aligned with COVID-19. This is a standard that your entire household can anticipate. Whether you are unwell or in quarantine, we strongly advise you to wait until Cleaning Services in El Paso TX are visited. We appreciate your assistance in keeping us healthy.

What can you do for your home?

  • According to the manufacturer’s instructions, cleaning with the right materials is the most reliable method of eliminating germs, bacteria, and viruses. However, if health conditions are to be maintained, regular cleaning is required.
  • Hands should be washed. Clean your hands and use the restroom frequently, especially before and after eating or preparing meals. To avoid germs, keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Take extra precautions. Take a comprehensive approach in your residence to the bathroom and kitchen. Because these two areas of your home have the most germs, you should frequently wipe up countertops and handles. In addition, phones, manuals, rails, and buttons are all tactile and should be cleaned with antibacterial cleansers or bleach solutions at least twice.
  • Take off your shoes. According to studies, our shoes bring in a lot of dirt, trash, bacteria, and viruses. So not only should you leave your shoes at the gates, but you should also keep an eye on your surroundings. Request that guests bring their boots or even wear their sneakers. Thank you for your good health.

Keep Floors Clean at Home

Find a shoe tray and indoor and outdoor mats to dispose of muddy, filthy boots and footwear quickly. If you don’t have a mudroom, create a large carpet to collect wet clothes and a basket or rack to dry them.

Consider keeping a broom at the door for quick cleaning of salt or debris and a small brush from a mop or Swiffer for natural areas. A rubber-resistant runner or rug tossed into the laundry system can be used to cover the floor from carpeted sections. If filth is detected, treat the carpet right away, and plan to rent or buy a wet cleaner for spot cleaning.

Why choose us?

Glow up Cleaners is an EI Paso-based cleaning company that provides the best cleaning in the country. Office Cleaning Services in EL Paso the field. By perceiving your office and dining space as clever and joyful, you will be ritualized indefinitely. Visit for more information.



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