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7 Tips for Instagram Stories To Use Stickers

In a very short time, Instagram has become the MVP of social networks for businesses and brands, all thanks to the growth and exposure potential that the platform offers. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 users follow at least one business account. And this without talking about the level of interactions that the platform can offer, which can be boosted even more by buy Instagram Followers Canada on SuperViral.

The question sticker has been available on Instagram stories since 2018 and we’ve already talked a bit about it in our guide to asking questions on Instagram. Best of all, this sticker is easy to use and you can see results quickly. Next we will talk about 7 ways in which you can take advantage of the question sticker to interact with your Instagram followers. But first, let’s talk about how to use it.

How to use the question sticker on your Instagram stories

Enter your Instagram stories and take a photo or video. Then click on the sticker button in the upper right corner, identified by a square icon with a smiley face.

Click on the “Questions” option to open the question sticker. It is set to say “Ask me a question” by default, but you can modify the text to personalize it. Finally, hit submit in the lower right corner of the screen.

Place the sticker on your photo or video as you prefer.

Finally, after publishing your story, you can see the questions of your Instagram Followers Canada by entering the profile thumbnails located in the lower left corner. These will appear above the list of people who have seen your story and you can reply and share them in your stories by clicking one by one.

Press “Share answer” so that your Instagram followers see the answer in your stories.

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Tips for using the question sticker

It is quite easy to add the question sticker to your stories, but using it strategically can be much more effective in driving the growth of your account and getting more Instagram followers. If this is your goal, you have our Social Augment Instagram followers service at your disposal so that your content reaches more people. The best thing about this service is that it offers real followers that will increase the exposure and interactions of your account. Please note the following:

Do not use it excessively:

If you use the question sticker excessively, your Instagram followers will stop interacting with your stories. Use it sporadically so as not to risk fatigue your followers.

Respond to your followers:

Take the time to read and answer the relevant questions your Instagram followers ask. Instead of asking questions, you may get some comments, both positive and negative, in which case you should respond cordially.

Make It Worth It:

Make sure you set a goal for the dynamic when using the question sticker. The goal can be to build trust in your Instagram followers to convert them into customers, gather feedback from those who have bought your products or services, or simply give your strategy a boost.

Some ideas to use the question sticker on Instagram

Organize a question-and-answer

session Starting a question-and-answer session is one of the most beneficial strategies in terms of interactions and engagement, and can be very useful in gaining followers. As we said, it’s pretty easy to use the question sticker, but there are a few things you can do to further motivate your Instagram followers to engage with your story.

The first thing is to focus on a topic that you would like to cover. You can talk about a general topic or about specific things related to your niche or your business. The next thing is to decide when you will start the dynamic; at what time and for how long.

You should also let your Instagram followers know, in advance, when you will start the dynamic. You must bear in mind that whatever type of dynamic you are doing, it must be aligned with the objectives of your business.

2. Show your expertise

Questions in Instagram stories are great to start conversations about your business and the interests of your followers. Offer advice associated with your product and service offering. This will help you build a sense of reciprocity with your audience.

As you share useful and interesting content, your Instagram followers will appreciate your posts more and will be encouraged to interact more. Keep in mind that each of the Instagram stories that you publish on your business account must offer some kind of value to your followers. And with the question sticker you are opening a door for your Instagram followers to feel motivated to ask you what they want to know.

3. Ask your followers’ opinion about your content

You can use the question sticker in your stories to ask your Instagram followers what they think about your content. The feedback you receive will help you improve your content and offer your buy Instagram followers exactly what they expect from you.

4. Ask for the opinion of your followers about your products or services

If you use the question sticker strategically you can turn it into a tool for market research. Evaluating the way in which your Instagram followers perceive your brand and the opinion they have of your products and services. However, you must take care not to abuse the promotional potential of the sticker. Since this can cause some rejection in the users of the platform.

When asking for feedback from your followers, consider sharing your followers’ posts by adding a funny comment or response.

5. Gather frequently asked questions from your Instagram followers

Answering the same question over and over can be tedious, which is why businesses and influencers have. Used the question sticker to answer frequent questions and concerns from their Instagram followers. Take advantage of the sticker to answer questions that are often repeated.

6. Organize a “Takeover” with the Instagram question sticker

Takeovers are one of the most effective ways to connect with the audience of other influential accounts and get more followers on Instagram. By doing so, you allow another user to take temporary “control” of your account to show a new perspective on your business.

Having a guest from an influential account will also give more credibility to your account and will allow you to quickly gain Instagram followers. Increasing the exposure of your content and, therefore, of your products and services. This is just one of the things you need to know to organize a successful takeover on Instagram.

7. Start conversations with your Instagram followers

The Instagram question sticker is an excellent tool to interact and get to know the Instagram followers of your business or brand. Imagine it as an opportunity to ask to meet them, find out what interests them or even ask for advice or opinions about your offer.

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