7 Trending Packaging Designs of 2021

‘Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story.’ quoted Steve Jobs.

Packaging showcases your brand, product, and everything in between. It needs to be apt with your business motto. In 2021, This trends are all about thinking with concern and empathy. And then showcasing it with:

  • Color
  • Brand message
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Approachable printing options

Also, you should opt more for environmental awareness in package business. Let us see more trends of 2021:

  • Natural and Neutral colors

Minimalistic designs and shades are in the trend for a long time and are still in the same position in 2021. People are opting towards more honest and realistic brands. Thus, they want colors that look natural and not with loud nature.

You can apply more earthy shades and light shades that will not overpower your message or product images. There are many suppliers that emphasize warm earth tones and softer colors to let the nature of their product influence more clearly. You can use the Magento product designer tool to add your business’s motto or any quote on the packaging. 

  • Flat Illustrations

The most popular illustration style seen on the packaging in 2021 is the flat graphic style. In this style, there are simple shapes and blocks of color that stand out in the crowd to make the bold text more readable.

Such designs are crisp and clean, gained by stripping away three-dimensional effects. Designers can use this flexible effect and fuse it partially into almost any composition they like. The 2021 evolution of flat illustration will bring a perfect harmony of functionality and aesthetics.

  • Customized Packaging

The king of all packaging trends is customized packaging. You can give your customers the packaging of their name or any customized message. You can integrate the Magento product designer tool to your website to let your customer design their own packages. You can give options like:

  • Packaging texture
  • Colors
  • Font
  • Message
  • Alignment
  • Clip-art

Magento product designer tool allows you to print the designed packaging easily.

  • Experimental Typography

The clarity in a packaging design promotes ease and convenience for the customer. Now, what does experimental typography actually mean? Simply when instead of keeping specific illustration or the logo as the focal point for the packaging, you can opt for prioritizing the brand name or even the product name. This will make it more visible and readable.

This is not anything new. Several leading brands have been applying this for a long time. Any guesses? McDonald’s! Yes, they have been prioritizing clear typography for decades now, and we all know how effectively it leads them to create a distinguished brand presence. The main reason behind that is that clear typography is easier to read from a distance. Also, if you use complementary colors to enhance the packaging features, then it will come out as a whole subtle and attractive packaging.

  • Tech-Integration

Brands are seeking ways to connect with a generation consumed by technology and create a more memorable consumer-brand experience. The trend that is surely going to rule is transforming packaging 

custom boxes, fast-food packaging, and candy wrappers into augmented experiences, AI, and digital games. Fiber-based materials, intelligent, robotic, or smart packaging along with 3D printing are a new trend of latest updates.

  • Vintage Packaging

Vintage packaging is all about authenticity and traditional-looking fonts. It will solely add a different look and feel to your product. Thus, if you are looking for a design of a product that will replicate the older works, then vintage packaging should be your ultimate choice. You can even craft a brand story creatively through the vintage theme. This can then act as brand USP to communicate about its traits with its customers.

Additionally, retro packaging connects people with a sense of nostalgia. Thus, when a well-known brand brings back old designs or packaging with a vintage touch, it reminds people that your brand has been around for a long time, building trust and serving authenticity. Vintage packaging often expresses a level of quality to consumers with “old school” visual dynamics.

  • Abstract Inspired

The abstract design originates from the vibrant art of the aboriginal people. The approach is to make an artistic approach for the overall packaging. The abstract design is a technique where designers put in everything extreme: neon colors, bold fonts, intense minimalistic or loud designs, etc. All this makes the abstract-inspired packaging stand out from the crowd.

Loud designs are portrayed via elegance in their overall theme of the body. Here, the inspiration for designs comes from painting and fine art. The abstract designs stimulate the upper areas of the brain that are responsible for imagination and creativity. The signals from those areas ensure to make customers look at art with a whole new approach.

It allows and gives artists the freedom to explore the artwork and assign their meaning to the piece. Abstract art encourages the brain to respond in a less restrictive and louder manner. It activates the alternative paths for emotions, explores new associations, and forms new creative designs in our minds.


So, these were some of the major trends of 2021. I hope you already found the ideal one for your products. Make sure the packaging compliments your products and your company. Also, don’t forget to keep your packaging eco-friendly.

You can tackle increasing competition and constantly changing customer preferences. How? By staying updated with the trending ideas in the market and knowing what your customers want. You can integrate the Magento product designer tool with your system and allow your customers to fulfill their requirements with the wide range of options available.

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