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7 Ways to Have the Best Home Movie Night

There have been a lot of silver linings that have come from the pandemic. One of the best has been the rise in having an at-home movie night.

While back in the day going to the movie theatre used to become a family affair, that trend has now transitioned to getting the family rounded up at home to watch a movie in their pajamas.

Once you get a taste of this, you really can’t ever go back. Why endure having to deal with parking, waiting in long lines, walking on sticky floors, and sitting next to strangers to watch a movie when instead you can grab a throw blanket for couch purposes and cuddle up under it while watching a movie in your living room?

To be honest, we are of the opinion that having a home movie night is completely the right way to indulge in this type of entertainment. You can have unlimited (and non-overpriced) snacks, kick back and relax and even pause for bathroom breaks.

But there are many ways that you can truly jazz it up when it comes to your movie night. Grab that throw blanket for couch purposes and use it to build a fort that you can watch your movie from. Or invest in a top-notch projector so you really can channel movie theatre vibes.

We have rounded up the best ways to have the ultimate movie night at home so that you never have to begrudgingly go to the movie theatre again.

1-Get a Wall Projector

Even if you have a snazzy television, nothing quite beats watching a movie from a projector screen. Not only is it exactly what they do in movie theatres, but it allows you to transform other spots in your house into the designated movie-watching spot. This includes your backyard, your basement, and any other room in the house that may not have a television.

2-A Throw Blanket for Couch

The next way to create a memorable movie night is by using a throw blanket forthe  couch and creating a cozy space to lounge in for the movie. Use the throw blanket as the base for creating a pillow bed on the living room floor so that everyone can lounge on it and relax. Or, curl up underneath the blanket while watching the movie outside in your backyard and underneath the stars. A throw blanket forthe  couch is the way to go when it comes to making the best movie night.

  1. A Popcorn Machine

One of the best treats when going to the movie theatre is getting a bag of popcorn. But you can enjoy the same movie treat at home with an at home popcorn machine. You can effortlessly put your popcorn kernels into the popper, cover and place it in the microwave. When you take it out, you will have an instant bucket of popcorn to snack on all movie long.

  1. Matching Pajama Sets

The next way to really dazzle up your movie night is by getting adorable matching pajamas for everyone in attendance to wear. We recommend onesies, as nothing gets more magical than that. Plus, it will allow for some super cute pics to share on social media about your epic at-home movie night

  1. A Grazing Platter

While popcorn is always a great movie snack, you can also up your game at home. Why not make movie night extra magical by creating the ultimate grazing board for everyone to snack off of? Fill it with cheeses, crackers, dips, chips, fruit, vegetables, meat,s and more. This grazing platter will elevate your movie night to the next level almost instantly.

  1. A Collection of Pillows

Nothing screams cozy more than a whole collection of pillows. Get the most cuddly ones for everyone to lean up again while watching the movie. You can also throw them all together and create a pillow fort or one big pillow bed for everyone to snuggle up in. The more pillows during movie night, the better.

  1. A Glass (or Two) of Wine

Since you are watching your movie in the comfort of your home, you can easily sip on some adult beverages too. Gather up some delicious wines and craft beers to pour throughout the movie. The best part is since no one has to drive home afterward you can sip away as much as you want with not a care in the world.


No matter what day of the week it is, it is always a good idea to have an at-home movie night. Throw on your most comfortable clothes, find your favorite throw blanket forthe  couch, get all your snacks ready and relax at home while being entertained.

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