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7 Wonderful Facts You Want To Realize Modern Packers and Movers

Several hidden aspects of relocating with packers and movers may surprise you in some ways. From families to bachelors and students, people in both rural areas and metro cities move tons for a few obvious reasons. The surging demand for professional moving companies also justifies the very fact that individuals tend to relocate thanks to job commitments or comfortable living. However, quite half customers haven’t any clues about the range of advantages and options to avail with on-demand packers and movers services in India. They’re mostly unaware of potential moving scams or risks of moving with fake shifting service providers who make big promises and lure innocent customers at the time of booking and cheat them later.

Let’s keep moving scams aside for now as they’re quite common within the logistic sector. The industry of Indian packers and movers is unorganized till the day it embraced digital innovation. With the adaption of advanced technology & tools, the logistic segment witnessed a drastic change within the ways moving companies operate and facilitate their customers. The automation within the booking process and facilities of live location tracking, pre-booking price estimations, flexible time slots, etc. Introduced a scientific mode of searching the best packers and movers in jaipur for various shifting needs of consumers.

It’s pretty interesting to understand the forbidden state of the packers and movers segment within the Indian logistic market. Keep reading the blog to grab some amazing facts about moving services:

01. People love relocating

Believe it or not, shifting may be a new trend in our society as some people relocate once a year. Most Indian residents, specifically those staying in metro cities advance a mean of 12 times during a lifetime, hence, keeping local packers and movers busy all the time.

02. People decide to move for specific reasons

A study reveals that 46% of individuals relocate with packers and movers for work while over 32% of the residents change their address post-retirement. And therefore the remaining transformation to a replacement residence thanks to personal reasons.

03. Local moves are most preferred

The demand for short-distance relocation is high within the packers and movers industry. People generally prefer moving to the situation within the nearest proximity to their existing place to shorten their commute time and distance altogether. Relocating to a replacement neighborhood not only reduces shifting expenditure but also minimizes the concerns of encountering traffic and travel-related issues.

04. Shifting are often traumatic for a few people

Moving home from one location to a different involves too many hassles as it’s not an easy-going process in the least. Only professional packers and movers in chittorgarh can conduct stress-free relocation of products with negligible risks of damages and troubles faced during the move.

05. Shifting business is seasonal

Regardless of some minor ups and downs in daily bookings, there’s a particular time, day, & month when packers and movers get surplus orders to satisfy. The months between Septembers to May are generally marked because the best season to try to business for moving companies as most of the people relocate during this point while the remaining months end up as an off-season period for packers and movers.

06. Fridays are popular moving days

People wait weekends not just for small vacations but also for small-distance relocation. After having a busy week, you’ll start packing and moving goods with help of packers and movers right from Friday evening. Rather than troubling yourself during weekdays, planning your advance Fridays is far convenient and sensible for working families.

07. It’s all about moving too many goods

Even if it’s a one-room flat, relocating heavy household goods like furniture, appliances, kitchen items, etc. Takes tons of manpower, time, patience, & other necessary arrangements to form it safe and sound for everybody. The general weight of movables may vary b/w 6k to six.5k pounds that are too heavy to be handled on their lonesome. Therefore, the presence of packers and movers is crucial within the stress-free movement of household stuff.

Apart from the above 7 interesting facts of moving, you shall discover a series of latest experiences while relocating with packers and movers.  If you’re shifting for the primary time then these facts will surely assist you in simplifying your move.

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