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8 Beautiful Tree Houses In Kerala

Kerala embodies pleasure, with a strong affection for Mother Nature. While Kerala’s verdant and unrivaled beauty draws visitors worldwide, even God is proud of their creation. While the state has several ecological hotspots, it is also one of the most diverse. You can stay in a hotel, guest home, or hut anyplace in India. However, you won’t be able to live in Tree House resorts anywhere else. Though Kerala has a vast range of accommodations, the magnificent green Tree Houses are a particular place to stay. These Keralian Tree Houses have modern facilities like WiFi, LED lighting, a double bed, a coffee/tea maker, and much more. Tree Houses in Kerala with balconies are more popular for viewing the surrounding wildlife. You can visit the beautiful tree houses in Kerala, especially in Munnar, by booking the Munnar Tree House Honeymoon Package that Lock Your Trip offers

A tree house stay is what comes to mind when you think of an unusual vacation, someplace in the lap of nature in complete seclusion, overlooking beautiful green forests in the middle of nowhere. Kerala, God’s own nation, is one of the greatest venues to experience this. Kerala vacations provide great tree house resorts to help you realize your dream. So, if you’re looking for something fun and thrilling, in this blog. We will mention a few best and most beautiful tree houses in Kerala. 

Vythiri Resort

The Malabar Whistling Thrush will wake you up here; too bad for the rooster. Vythiri resort has created its universe amid Kerala’s lush green and moisture-laden tropical rainforests, much like a disguised retreat in the bush. There are five tree house cabins at the property. The views from these 70-foot-high tree houses are breathtaking since they are located deep in the forest. In reality, the hazy peaks of the Western Ghats may be plainly traced. Vythiri resort complements its relaxing stay with cool forest hikes, holistic ayurvedic treatments, and visits to magnificent sites, making it one of the greatest tree houses in Kerala. 

Rainforest Boutique Resort

The Rainforest Boutique resort’s tree house in Kerala is perched high in the trees, overlooking one of Kerala’s most beautiful waterfalls, Athirapally. The resort’s tree house, which resembles an eagle’s nest, provides a spectacular aerial view of the roaring and gushing Athirapally Falls. In other words, the tree home is a well-built construction that manages to glide into a lounge-like experience without affecting the natural attractiveness of the surroundings. This remarkable blend of nature’s comforts and modernity entitles the rainforest boutique resort to a really unique stay in Kerala’s wilds. It delicately manages to provide the finest of both worlds. Live your childhood desires or dwell in grown-up comforts. 

Shola Periyar Tree House

In the middle of the buzzing fauna of Periyar National Park, this is the true Tarzan house of Kerala. Shola Periyar, deep in the jungle, is a unique and unusual delight for visitors who enjoy tangible amenities throughout their journey. The tree home is completely eco-friendly, with a base of bamboo poles and hay straw in its construction. It appears to have sprung straight from the jungle’s roots. A very natural design to support the indigenous tribe’s claim to be its legitimate architect. The finest things to do in Shola Periyar are tiger path, border trekking, bamboo grove, bamboo rafting, night camping, and tribal history excursions. 

Vanya Tree House

The name ‘Vanya,’ which means ‘forest,’ represents nature as the core ingredient of this tree home in Kerala’s Thekkady area. The Vanya tree home is completely removed from society and one of the nicest human accommodations in Mother Nature’s lap. The tree home swings on the rhythmic beat of nature, much like a little cradle. Its interiors are decorated in earthy tones that seem to complement the ambiance of the exquisite flora that surrounds the property. The tree house’s design is really simple, consisting of a roomy double room, a shower room, and a balcony with a beautiful view over the lush green woodlands

Pepper Trail

Pepper trail is beautifully nestled in the serene spots of Wayanad, primarily the reserved plantation areas, and exudes a vintage charm of its own. Set among tropical rainforests and lakes, the aromatic plantations are, as the owners would say, an excellent location for establishing a natural home. The resort offers accommodations high up on giant jackfruit trees, which would appeal to treehouse enthusiasts. The path to these 40-foot-high accommodations winds through the surrounding trees. The tree homes are luxurious in addition to being designed in accordance with the estate’s natural aesthetic. Living here is a pleasant affair, with a huge bedroom, magnificent bathroom, unrestricted solitude, and amenities. 

Marmalade Springs Plantation Resort

Marmalade Springs, home to Wayanad’s second-highest mountain, is another lovely boutique resort. The estate sprawls across magnificent coffee farms. The location’s closeness to one of the oldest tribal communities adds to its allure. But first, let us discuss the merits of this unique retreat. It is consistent with the objective of creating nature-based lodgings. In fact, every aspect of the resort complements the tranquillity of Wayanad. The tree home facility at Marmalade Springs features an earthy décor (in addition to a sumptuous environment) and overlooks the lovely plantations. A portion of your pleasant stay at this resort also includes indulgences with adjacent indigenous colonies. Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of these towns. Also, indulge in their exquisite foods. 

Nature Zone Resort

Now that you’re looking for the best tree houses in Kerala, we can’t leave out beautiful Munnar. The Nature Zone Resort provides some of the greatest tree house experiences in the area.

While the birds set the morning alarm, the day is filled with sun rays peeking through the foliage and descending like scarce torchlights and mountain wind. If you want to see more of nature’s nuances, the resort’s naturalists will go above and beyond. This also provides an opportunity to interact with Kerala’s notable fauna. 

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Green Magic Nature Resort

Green Magic, is another facility in Wayanad’s promising ecosystem. It is a magnificent property that is one of India’s most popular tree house resorts. Consider it a sister concern of the Vythiri, since its flamboyance reflects Kerala’s rich bio-diversity and local artistry. The tree homes, erected high above the earth using only eco-friendly materials and techniques evocative of the area’s early residents, demonstrate Green Magic’s ethical indulgences. The stunning natural environs of Wayanad are not just for the eyes. Hiking, climbing, and exploring the magnificent flora and fauna should thus be mandatory additions to your magical stay at the resort. 

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