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8 Life-Changing Rewards Your Family Wins from Spending Quality Time

Time is gold,” the overused motto goes. Because of its repetitive usage, the value of this quote has decreased over time. Nevertheless, it’s meaning is never rusty. Truly, time is precious and is worth its weight in gold. You can neither take it back nor replace it, so it must be spent wisely. And one of the ways to cherish your time is to share it with your family.

Even if you search the whole world, there’s nothing and no one like the family that God has blessed you with. It is the cradle that molds your being, the clique where you belong to, the bunch you can always call your comfort and home. Every second you spend with the whole family is a treasure to keep. Each moment is dear because you are with the people dearest to you. 

Never underestimate the significance of bondings and gatherings with your loved ones. Those heart-to-heart conversations, movie nights and shopping dates too. Whatever way you choose to spend quality time with your family, know that it’s not a waste of time. Actually, it helps you to become a better team and the members of it to become better individuals. 

Learn more about the value of family and time by reading these 8 life-changing rewards that your family wins from spending quality time together! Share these to your loved ones, so they realize the same things and so nobody would ever hate family bondings again. 

1 – You can catch up amidst busy schedules.


Let’s start with the most obvious of all. This is one of the major reasons why you must have a family day out once in a while. Spending quality time with the family enables you to catch up with each other amidst busy schedules.

The word to highlight here is “busy”. Yes, everyone’s personal schedules are filled with tasks and appointments here and there. It’s somehow difficult to believe that nowadays, even elementary students are bombarded with school duties. Imagine how much heavier the obligations are for university undergrads, for employed adults and for selfless parents. 

Matching schedules is challenging. Setting up a date where everyone in the family can join is hard. However, when you are able to do so, you will see its huge benefit of allowing you all to sincerely check on and cheer on each other. Somebody got into a job, and somebody got a promotion. You didn’t know? Well, sharing time together will let you know these and more.

Despite busyness, quality time is there to let you not miss on anything important to you and your family. Catching up is a wonderful thing!

2 – You can communicate better.


Communication is a must in the family. When it’s lacking or unhealthy, loads of things go wrong. Misunderstandings and arguments occur when proper communication is nowhere to be found.

Spending good times with your family enhances your intrapersonal skills. It allows you to communicate better with each other and with other people too. It teaches you the magnitude of being heard and of listening; remember, communication is a two-way system. 

In that way, you can express yourself more clearly and understand others in a non judgemental way. Clarity is a crucial element of understanding, and it’s something that having healthy discussions with the family promotes. 

3 – You can play, have fun and relieve stress together.


Your family is also your best set of friends. They know what can make you smile, giggle and laugh. They also know how to bring these out of you to bring you happiness. For sure, it’s always fun to spend quality time with the family through exciting activities that lead you closer with each other. 

Active sports like basketball and badminton are energizing. Board games like chess and scrabble are awesome brain teasers. Whether it’s drama, horror, romance, action or comedy that you and your family like, movies are indispensable bonding tools. Taking a walk to the park, riding bicycles and searching for family-friendly playgrounds are great outdoor must-do’s. If you want to stay indoors, you can cook new recipes, bake noshes or clean the house alongside each other. 

All these and more are productive ways to play, have fun and relieve stress together.

4 – You can discover more about each other’s personalities and opinions.


Sometimes, although a family lives under the same roof, there’s still a lot of things to know about each other. This is one of the common reasons why some family members get into disagreements, because of not fully grasping one another’s viewpoints and attitudes. 

When you share time with your family, you are able to see different sides of each other. The pleasant and the not-so-pleasant characteristics are seen and experienced. You find out your family members’ personalities, plus the differences and similarities therein. At the same time, others can comprehend yours.

The awareness about the family’s diverse traits and behaviors helps in establishing a harmonious relationship, in appreciating each other better and in working things out when family problems arise. 

5 – You can tighten your bonds and teamwork. 


Hanging around with your family tightens your bonds and teamwork. As everyone is growing up and old, do so without growing apart. 

No matter how old or how busy the parents and the children get, still highly regard quality time that makes your connection solid and strong. Even if play is your way to develop camaraderie, you will see how more rewarding it is in times of trials faced by the family.

6 – You can put down your gadgets and stay away from screens.


Living in the digital era, all members of the family are using up so much of their time on gadgets. Well, for some, gadget usage is required in school or at work; also, technology has become a general necessity in daily life because of communication, online shopping and more. 

However, some are just unhealthily tied up to their gadgets because of endless social media scrolling, excessive “entertainment” and video games. Sadly, these rob families of the golden time which must be spent bonding together. 

Quality time allows you to put down these electronic devices and to stay away from screens even for a while. It’s a beautiful time to live in the moment and enjoy each other’s company. You can take photos and videos with your smart phones, but other than that, you should be present in the gathering, not only physically but also mentally. 

7 – You can teach each other and learn from each other.


Everyone in the family is busy learning by themselves or busy teaching strangers. Did you know that you can also teach each other and learn from each other in the family? Since it’s the family’s mutual goal for everyone to be seasoned as a decent human being, contributing to each other’s growth is a goal too. 

Parents can teach their children; meanwhile, they can learn from their kids of whatever age. It could be a skill, a new language, a skincare routine, a virtue, an experience or whatnot. Learning is endless, and it’s heart-warming to grow with your family, sharing worthwhile ideas and being enlightened together. All these can happen through quality time.

8 – You can solve conflicts better.


Of course, quality time is not only for the shared delights, jokes and chuckles. It is also an important instrument to be able to solve conflicts better

Who would think that some families are hurting each other, defaming each other or calling their own family lawyers to go against each other? Sounds exaggerated? It’s reality though, and it’s because of disputes caused by lack of communication, which is one of the results of thinking too little of family time. 

A family that admires and encourages quality time together can resolve problems in more efficient ways, regardless of whether it is an internal or external issue.



Time spent with the family is a time spent wisely. For parents and for children, and also for extended family members, quality time is gold. It is rare and fulfilling, and it is of incalculable worth.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Adams Lawyers, a team of professionals that offer well-rounded service for all legal needs. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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