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8 Tips to Get More Views On Your Instagram Reels

Friends, you must be aware that Instagram is very popular in India and many people have started making different types of videos to get more views on your Instagram reels. 

About 230 million people use Instagram in India. Nowadays, everyone who uses a smartphone uses Instagram. It is a different matter that some people do not post anything from their accounts.

Do you know that the first Instagram Reels feature was first launched in Brazil in 2019? it has now been launched in about 150 countries. The biggest advantage of uploading Instagram reels is that it brings 22% more engagement than normal videos. So let’s know in which ways you can increase the views on your reels or if you want instant results, so followersindia is another great option.

Benefits of Instagram Reels

If you post your video on a reel instead of posting a normal post, then it has many benefits. because if you post a normal video, it will only appear on your followers’ feed. However, the unique feature of reels is that they appear on the explore page or Instagram feed of people who do not even follow you.

So if you want to increase your followers quickly, then you should post more reels than usual.

1. Choose quality over quantity

You must have read in some book or quote that quality matters more than quantity. That’s why you don’t need to put in your reel every day. If you create great content and you put it out even twice a week, that’s enough.

Because the more you give good content to the audience, the more they will share and like it. That’s why instead of posting the same video every day, you should create some new types of content, even if you do not post only twice a week.

2. Trending topics will give you more views

If you want to get more views on your Instagram reels, then you have to work on the kind of content that people want to see. If something or the other goes viral or what people want to see more of, you should always make content related to that thing.

For example, if a singer’s song has become quite popular, then you can add that music to your video. Or if you can make related reels from any trending or viral content.

3. Use the right combination of hashtags

You all must be aware of hashtags because they are used on every social media channel. But perhaps you do not know that if it is used properly then you can get a lot of views on your Instagram reels.

Because by using hashtags, you can show your post on the feed of many people, even those who do not follow you. But you have to use only hashtags related to your niche. In it, you put only hashtags related to industry hashtags, popular and content.

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4. Share your uploaded reel on your story

Friends, it is not necessary that the reel you have uploaded would appear on the timeline of all your followers. Because it may be that some of your followers have followed a lot of accounts, they may not see your post.

That is why it is important that after posting your reel, you must share it in your story. With this, whoever sees your story will see your reel. And when you post a story, your profile gets highlighted on the Instagram feed of your followers.

5. Always use vertical videos for reels

When you scroll through the reels on Instagram, you must have noticed one thing: most of the videos in them are in the ratio of 9:16. This is because, according to Instagram, if you are uploading your video in the format of reels, then it should be vertical.

It is not that if you put a horizontal video on the reel, then it will not be uploaded. But Instagram’s algorithm recommends fewer people to reels that are in the ratio of 16: 9. That’s why if you want to get more views on your Instagram reels, then always make your videos horizontal.

6. Choose the right time to post your Reels 

The timing of posting the content matters a lot on any social media platform. If you publish your reel at a time when your target audience is not online, then views and engagement will not come on that reel.

That’s why you should publish your reels at a time when most people are online, and they will be online when they are not busy. That’s why you should publish content only after 9 in the morning, 2-3 in the afternoon, and after 6 in the evening.

7. Share the link of your reel through other platforms

If you believe that just putting a reel on Instagram will get a lot of views on it, then now read carefully what we are going to tell you. Whenever you post your reel, you share it on other social media platforms as well. Because it is not necessary that every person you know also follows you on Instagram. By doing this, you can get more views on your Instagram reels.

8. Catch the audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds

There are millions of videos on Instagram, and when a user is scrolling, he sees the entire reel that interests him in the first 3 seconds. But if there is no attractive element at the beginning of your content, then that user will skip your video.

And more people will scroll as soon as they see your video. The algorithm of Instagram will suggest your videos to fewer people. So you have to start your video in such a way that people see it completely.


Through this article, we have told you how you can get more views on your Instagram reels. But if you think that this is a time-consuming process, you can also buy reels views India from a good website-articlewine. is a great website for people who want to grow their business online or want to get more engagement on their social media pages. At a very low price, you have the amazing option of buying Instagram reels views in India.

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