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9 Creative Humane Society Fundraising Ideas in 2022

An organization that works to end animal or human suffering is known as a humane society. The phrase is mostly only used to refer to groups that work to prevent animal cruelty. It could also be a group in the UK that offers a waterways rescue, prevention, and recovery service or that bestows honors on individuals who save lives. These kind of organizations mainly focuses on five key problems: puppy mills, animal abuse, animal fighting, factory farming, and the fur trade.

Animal shelters and rescue organizations provide incredible services to both animals and our communities. When pets or other creatures are deserted or abandoned by their prior owners, they take them in. They make every effort to provide for the needs of ill and hurt animals while also helping those animals find new homes.

They frequently operate on a very tight budget for everything they accomplish. Since Humane Society and other like-minded organizations are typically not for profit, it is exceedingly challenging for them to raise money for their mission and all of the associated expenses, including food, bedding, veterinary care, medication, and other expenses.


Animal shelters and rescue organizations hold fundraisers to help with funding. Here are 9 well-liked and simple yet creative fundraising ideas for local Humane Society and animal rescue groups.


The Humane Society encourages its supporters to set up peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and crowdfund projects.

They guide supporters via a straightforward registration procedure so they can quickly personalize their pages and invite their friends and family to donate to the animal charity.

Additionally, they urge their fans to set fundraising objectives and tell tales through words and videos to inspire donations.

They also provide further advice and resources, such as the suggestion to donate one’s birthday to an animal cause, which is a well-liked method of fundraising.

Pet photoshoot 

Pet owners adore them. Everyone also believes that their pet is the cutest.

Depending on the size of your celebration, hire one (or a few), expert photographers, to plan this “aww-filled” occasion. As an alternative, enlist a hobbyist photographer. Maybe one of the employees or volunteers enjoys photography in secret!

Choose a location and start the event’s promotion. Post information about the event, including a registration link, on Facebook. Upon booking, owners are paid.

If you want to take five distinct digital pictures of a pet, you can charge the owner up to $100. If you have trouble finding a pro photographer who will work for free, consider dividing the funds 50/50.

Honor your pet 

It can be quite difficult to lose a pet. Similar to losing a close family member or friend, the death of a pet can be a very terrible experience and leave a significant hole in our hearts and lives. Pets integrate into our families and way of life.

It may be challenging to move on.

Many people have found comfort in fundraising on behalf of and memory of their furry friends. Giving animals like your pet a better future might help give life some sense and significance. Start a campaign in honor of the significant person or animal in your life right away.


The finest method of humane society fundraising is frequently to donate your time. According to the Humane Society, there are 86.4 million cats and 78.2 million dogs living in American homes, making pet ownership expensive. For this reason, owners are grateful for any assistance with pet sitting or pet cleaning.

Create a volunteer program in your neighborhood to assist with pet sitting, and charge owners less than a paid professional or pet hotel would, with all proceeds going to your shelter.

The owners will feel good knowing that their money is going to animals in need just like their own! Don’t forget to spread the word about the service by passing out flyers and on social media.

Cutest pet contests 

There are various ways to conduct the “Cutest Pet Contest.” The contest might be held on social media, as a standalone event, or as a component of another event.

Each participant may post a picture of their pet and an envelope on a corkboard if the event is being run physically. $1 banknotes are used to cast ballots. The pet whose picture has the most money wins! The money is then used to support your fundraising efforts.

If you’re doing the contest online, you can invite participants to send you a message or fill out an online form with images of their pets. The pet with the most likes wins. You can invite your audience to vote online by donating, or you can team up with a company that will match the likes with money (1 like = 1 dollar). Every dollar a person donates can count as a separate vote, and they are allowed to indicate the name or number of the pet they are supporting. This might lead to bigger donations.

Sponsor a pet 

Appealing to just one animal seems to garner more of a response from the public. To raise fundraising from this, launch a “Sponsor a Pet” initiative. Even if they are unable to adopt, people can support animals in need by participating in the “Sponsor A Pet” program.

Pet sponsors can help your shelter care for the animals best while they wait for their forever homes by making a reoccurring financial commitment. A recurrent donation ensures the animal’s welfare (usually for a full year unless the donor decides to renew).

Make sure that payments are processed securely on your website. For instance, Donorbox is a potent contribution software that draws in repeat donors and securely handles payments. Provide supporters with (at least) quarterly updates on the pet’s condition, personality, and opportunity for visits.

If they agree to a longer sponsorship, you can also give your pet sponsors the option to name the animal.

Cat cafes 

While we’re not advocating for the creation of a full-fledged “cat café,” planning a day or two of “cat café” in a neighborhood coffee shop is a fantastic way to raise money for the humane society.

The idea of cat cafes is hugely popular and was first introduced in Japan. Following the first cat café’s debut, hundreds of such cafés began to appear all over the world. You would go to a café as normal, but this time it would be “inhabited” by cats and cat toys.

Rules differ from café to café. In some, it’s permitted to pet the cats; in others, it’s only permitted if the cats approach you. The cats are adoptable in certain cases, but not in others. While some cat cafes accept walk-ins, others need reservations.

Make contact with nearby coffee shops and get one to agree to donate their space for a day to move this humane society fundraising concept forward (or more). Invite 5–10 cats to your project site in cooperation with the Humane Society or another animal shelter. Charge a price for admission to all guests.

Dog washing 

A fun and interesting fundraiser for an animal shelter is a dog bathing event. It’s a fun activity for the whole family that is best planned during the summer.

Find a suitable site and ask your neighborhood pet retailers to provide dog-washing equipment to organize dog cleaning (e.g. pet shampoo or brushes).

Owners can bring their pets over for a quick cleaning in exchange for a nominal donation, similar to a fundraiser car wash event.

Set up a station with refreshments, tables, and chairs so that friends and family can unwind and enjoy each other’s company while their dogs are being cleaned.

This is a quick, easy, and affordable solution for washing pets, which is something that pet owners are usually looking for.

They also get to spend time outside and contribute to a worthwhile cause.

Offer a comprehensive pet salon experience to put a spin on this concept (not just a wash). Offer services including nail trimming and paw massages. Naturally, a professional’s assistance is required for a thorough pet grooming procedure. Dog washing is such creative fundraising, isn’t it?

Yoga with pets 

The potential for raising a lot of money is huge with this humane society fundraising idea.

Get a yoga instructor to donate two hours of their time, and find a suitable location (a gym, a nearby yoga studio, or a big room).

Encourage the participants to help animals while also getting their om on. Yoga sessions can be scheduled with cats, dogs, and most recently, even goats!

To advertise the fundraiser, build a registration form on your website and a Facebook event. Limit the class size and require payment in advance of enrollment (and give donations). Plan a raffle to raise the most money possible. Put together a raffle basket with a yoga theme. On the day before the event, start selling raffle tickets for $5 apiece!


It is worthwhile and honorable to raise money for animals, whether they are pets, members of the wildlife, or animals in shelters.

Fortunately, there are many fundraising suggestions available that you can draw inspiration from to launch your effort to support the Humane Society.

We hope that by inspiring you, you will find what functions best for you. You can even start your fundraising campaign on an online fundraising platform. If you are not sure about it, then visit Giving Xcelerator once, and you will get to know. 

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