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9 Essential Benefits of Mahavir Asana

Mahavirasana Benefits – You have to read this complete article to know the correct method and benefits of Mahavirasana. Many such things will be told in this article, which will benefit you immensely. Mahavirasana has an important place in yoga asana because by doing this, along with increasing strength in the body, the intellect also becomes sharp.

Why is Mahavirasana special?

By doing this asana one gets the power like God Mahavir Hanuman. It is also known as Maruti Asana. Its specialty is that it exercises all the parts of the body. Its regular practice creates a sense of valor and might in a person.

By doing this asana, one becomes fearless and fearless, like Mahabali Hanuman was. It must be practiced by every human being because by doing it positive energy is transmitted to the person.


Method of Mahavirasana:

With this posture, the body condition of God Mahavir Hanuman is created. That is why this posture is called Mahavirasana.


Mahavirasana Benefits:

  • Standing upright, inhale by doing ‘Purka’, after that while maintaining ‘Kumbhak’, extend one leg forward about 3 feet.
  • Now close the fists of both hands and lift them up – as shown in the picture.
  • Keep switching legs gradually.
  • When tired, stop doing the action ‘Rechak’ and then ‘Purak’ respectively.
  • When applying Kumbhak, chant Om at that time.
  • Apply Kumbhak according to its capacity.
  • Gradually, the speed of moving the feet back and forth should be increased.
  • Try to do this at least five times.
  • There should be a feeling in the mind that this asana is giving me strength.
  • Keep the whole body tight in this posture.


Benefits of Mahavirasana:

  • This asana develops the chest.
  • Hands and feet become strong.
  • The lungs are strengthened by this asana.
  • Its regular practice improves the digestive system, which increases appetite.
  • The stomach becomes light.
  • The height increases.
  • The waist becomes thin.
  • The body becomes strong and radiant.
  • Health seekers should do this asana regularly.



  • Do this asana on an empty stomach only in the morning.
  • People who have more complaints of back pain, should not do this asana.
  • People suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease should also not practice it.
  • Patients with hernias should also avoid doing this asana.
  • Those who are complaining of headache, they should do it without Kumbha. Keep breathing regularly.
  • Keep the neck and buttocks tight, otherwise, this asana will not get the full benefit.
  • Do not do this asana even if there is a problem in the spine.
  • Keep the neck elevated, do not keep it down.



Yogasan is the boon of our sages to mankind. Mahavirasana is one such asana that exercises the whole body. People who have less time can get health benefits by doing regular practice of this one asana only. By regular practice of the above-mentioned method of Mahavirasana, a person can make his body strong and can calm the mind. 

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