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9 On-page SEO techniques to improve web page ranking

On-page SEO is one of the most important parts of website ranking or web page ranking in organic results and to achieve the new heights in the field of blogging.

A website should be well optimized and well organized for crawlers and the users both.

In this blog post you will get to know the various techniques you can use to rank your web page in search engine’s organic results.

Before proceeding to our main topic(on-page SEO techniques to rank on top) we must introduce you to the few basic terms.

Search engine optimization(SEO)

It is a digital marketing strategy that helps us to improve the ranking of our web page in organic results of a search engine result page(SERP).


On-page SEO

On-page SEO (search engine optimization) also called on-page optimization is the process in which we optimize our web page on our website to improve the ranking of our web page and user experience.

On-page SEO

Why is on-page SEO important?

During the process of ranking, when google crawlers visit our website, A well organized and optimized web page helps google to understand on which keyword our web page is based upon. This helps google in the process of indexing.

Using on-page SEO, you can guide google which keyword you want your web page to rank upon.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the set of activities we perform away from our website(on other websites) to improve the ranking of our web page in organic results of a search engine result page(SERP).

Off-page SEO

Now, as we have understood all the basic terms, Here’s the time to come back to our main topic.

9 On-page SEO techniques to improve website ranking

1. Quality Content

To rank your website on the top of a web page you must publish a high quality content to your website.

You should always organize your content in such a manner that a user easily understands and gets the best possible solution for his or her problem. Now your mind must be popping out with a question that what should you do to create quality content, So here are some tips.

  • Original Content: Your content should be original. Content shouldn’t be copied from any website.

Useful content : Your content should be useful to the users. Before writing a content, you must think about whether it is worth creating or not.

  • Well Researched: Your content should be well researched and correct.

One should not be in a hurry while researching for a content.

Make sure the content you create should be correct, and the user gets the best possible information.

  • Search intent: One should assume himself or herself as a user and try to find the search intent of the user while writing content.

The search intent of the user can be informational, navigational, and commercial.

2. Headings and subheadings should be used

You should use headings and subheadings in your content so that users can easily navigate to a section or the information they want from your web page.

3. Images and multimedia elements

You should use images, videos, screenshots, and other multimedia elements so that users can easily understand and capture the knowledge. It will help you to improve on-page SEO ranking.

4. User’s search intent-friendly content.

  • Content should be based on the user’s search intent.
  • It could be informational, navigational and commercial etc.

5. Optimize meta titles and meta descriptions

Web pages must have a unique meta title and meta description so that search engines and users both can understand what the web page is about. You can use the following tips in the meta title and meta description to improve your ranking.

  • The meta title should be between(30-50) letters.
  • The focus keyword should be in the meta title.
  • You can mention the current year in your meta title.
  • Meta titles should be attractive for users.
  • You must use the focus keyword in your meta description while the related keywords are optional.

6. Add external links to your web page

These are the links we create outside our website(on other domains).

Adding an external link to your will not directly help you with SEO, but it is going to help you indirectly, and also it will help you to gain users’ trust.

Best practices to add external links to your website :

  • Use external links only when it is necessary
  • You should link only to those websites that create quality and original content

7. Add internal links to your web page

Linking web pages within your website is very important for on-page SEO because:

  • By using internal links within your website, you can let search engines know about your other web pages too.
  • Using internal links can also help you to increase the visit time of the user on your website.
  • Internal links can also help you to increase the traffic on your other web pages too.

8. URL optimization

URL optimization is also one of the most essential parts of on-page SEO-articlewine because it lets the user and search engines know what the particular page is based upon.

You can use the following practices to make a SEO friendly URL.

  • Use categories on your website to easily find the user and the search engines what they are looking for.
  • Your URL should be short
  • URL should contain the title of the webpage.
  • URL should contain focus keyword.

9. Page loading speed

As we have already mentioned above, the search engines prioritize their customer’s experience. Search engines are already spending a lot to give the best possible browsing experience to their customers.

Search engines don’t want the users to wait for loading the web pages because sometimes it irritates the customer and due to this the user scrolls down to look for another website.

That’s why it is also considered to be one of the important on-page SEO techniques-articlewine to improve ranking.

So as to make the user experience better, search engines took it as one of the ranking factors.

Here are some tips one can follow to boost the page loading speed:

  • You can delete unnecessary plugins from your word press site to boost the page loading speed.
  • You can use the content delivery network-articlewine or CDN for fast loading of web pages 
  • Keep the image size as low as possible if not required for your content.

So these were the 6 best on-page SEO techniques to improve website ranking.

I know, anyone can argue that a few techniques are even more important but nothing is officially written on paper about which one is best.

But these are the 6 best on-page SEO techniques of digital marketing in my opinion.

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