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9 Things You Should Do During Pregnancy

When you get to know that you are pregnant, you cannot hide your happiness from anyone. Suddenly your face starts glowing on hearing this good news of pregnancy, and you find it difficult to wait for your bundle of joy to arrive in this world. As you prepare yourself for motherhood, there are few things you should do while you are pregnant.

#Eat healthy right from the start

You should give proper attention to your diet right from the start. If you like junk foods like pizza, burgers, chips, etc., you should try to quit them as they are not nutritious and healthy. If you have a sweet tooth and like sweets, chocolates, pastries, and cakes, then you should forget them for the time being as these mouthwatering delicacies can raise your sugar level in blood.

Avoid eating fried foods; instead, eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, and proteins. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables daily. You will feel energetic and active all the time. It would be better to go for organic fruits and vegetables as they do not contain toxic materials.

Increase the intake of milk and fruit juices. Consumption of milk is essential during pregnancy as it makes your bones strong, and it is also good for your baby. Drink 5-6 glasses of water daily. It will keep you hydrated and fresh throughout the day.

#Sleep well

You should take proper rest at night, and it is necessary to take 7-8 hours of sleep daily. If you do not take adequate rest, you will feel tired and exhausted the next day. Wear 100% cotton maternity nighties to sleep comfortably at night.

#Keep doing your daily work

You should never stop doing your daily household chores. Keep your working schedule in the same manner as it was before your pregnancy. This will keep your body active and healthy, and the body movements will give strength and flexibility to your muscles.

However, if you discontinue your regular work, your body will become inactive and feel lazy all the time. Get up early in the morning and start working as you usually do, it will give you a nice feeling. A word of caution here, do not try to do heavy work or lift heavy things, as doctors do not recommend it at the time of pregnancy. However, you can continue doing light work.

#Do light exercises daily

Doing light pregnancy exercises regularly will keep you active and healthy. The circulation of blood and oxygen in your body will improve. Even if you cannot do exercise, you should try to walk either in the morning or evening.

You can divide the time according to your convenience. You can also try meditation as it improves concentration power and stabilizes the mind. You will feel calm and peaceful from the inside after doing meditation.

#Read good books

In your free time, you can read books that increase your knowledge. You can also solve puzzles as these will help you to sharpen your memory. Reading religious books will enhance your inner strength. Even if you are watching television, view those programs which are informative.

Avoid viewing those channels that generate fear, selfishness, and negative thoughts inside you. Believe it or not but these small things may affect the growth and development of your baby.

#Be aware of all pregnancy tests

You should keep yourself informed about the pregnancy tests you have to undergo monthly or each trimester. Remember the time and date of the tests. You can also learn about these tests on the Internet. Many blogs, websites, and apps are there that give complete information about pregnancy. In this way, you will not skip any tests.

#Wear loose and comfortable maternity clothes

Even when you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, you should not wear tight-fitting and uncomfortable clothes. Instead, you can purchase loose-fitting and stretchable maternity clothes that are specially made for pregnant ladies.

You will feel comfortable in these clothes. If you think that you will not look attractive in these clothes, then you are wrong. Pregnancy clothes come in a variety of designs and styles, and you will look fashionable in them.

#Search the Internet and read pregnancy books to gather more information

If you want to know more about pregnancy or have some questions in mind, you can search the Internet. Here, you can read the comments and opinions of pregnant women like you or those who have attained motherhood. You will come to know how these women’s lives changed after pregnancy and how they feel about it.

You can also share your feelings with them. Reading books on pregnancy will help you to know about the things that you are not aware of. Try to learn about the things which you should do before the arrival of your baby. Learn what you should do and should not do post-pregnancy.

If you are worried that you will not be able to take good care of your child, read articles on pregnancy that give information on how to look after your baby. If you are feeling depressed or unsecured, then do not think that it is abnormal.

Most pregnant women go through this stage. Instead of worrying, you should read books and magazines that reveal dealing with depression and apply them practically. You will feel light-hearted and totally relaxed. Moreover, you can always rely on your family if you have any doubts in your mind.

#Lead an active social life

During pregnancy, doctors recommend pregnant women to stay at home and not to go outside more often. Even if you cannot visit your friends and relatives, you can undoubtedly contact them over the phone or arrange a get-together at your home, and it will be good for you.

You will know what is going on in their life and they will hear your story. You can share your experiences and thoughts with them. You can always chat with them online. This way, you will not feel isolated or bored.

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