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9 Unique Mobile App Ideas to Get Inspired From

What do you need for a million-dollar mobile app idea? Inspiration to start with and planning, developing, and marketing to launch it. We can help you with the tricky part – getting inspiration. And if you hire Android developer, they can help you with the remaining process. So, to get you inspired, we have the following 9 innovative mobile app ideas:

  • Mood Monitoring App

A mobile app that allows one to rate their day and look for patterns that affect your mood. By this app one would be able to add and evaluate their activities, events, locations, that took place during the day. The idea here is that the app will analyze all your past activities and will look for patterns. And on the basis of those patterns, it will give you suggestions to improve your mood.    

  • Celebrity Identification App

We are sure we all have been in a situation where we just could not remember the name of the actor/actress while watching a movie or talking about it. You can make an app to solve that mystery and get people out of the constant head-scratching. 

They just need to take a picture of the celebrity they would like to gain more information about. And once they run the picture through the app, it will provide them with the most useful information found on the internet about that picture. You can even provide information about movies, perfumes, T.V. shows, etc. For this, you can hire Android app developer to help you develop all the desired features in an Android app.

  • Expiration Date Tracking App

When was the last time you nervously took a sip from the milk container that has been open for days?

This idea here is to provide a solution to this problem. You can make a tracking app that keeps track of the expiration dates of the food items in your kitchen and reminds your customers of the same. They just need to add the details like manufacturing date and best before period of a product. And that’s it. They can even select the days before you want to get the reminder. People will thank your app, as they will no longer have to question whether the items are safe to eat or drink.  

  • Reverse Travel App

Ever felt like you want to go somewhere but don’t know where? Possibilities are that others would feel the same way. You can make a mobile travel app where users can input their interests, and based on that, your app will show them places they should visit or cuisines they should try. Also, it should suggest where you should not go or in which restaurants you should not eat from due to the health reasons you input in.       

  • Tax Management App

The tax invoicing business app can make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. Your app can help to calculate taxes that they need to pay based on the user’s income and local law. You can also add an integrated feature for generating invoices.  

  • Smart Cooking App

“What should I cook for dinner?” – Ahh! A question that we ask ourselves every evening. And there are times when you search for dinner recipes and it has several ingredients that are not available in your kitchen. And going grocery shopping after a long tiring day is not an option, nor is waiting for the delivery person to deliver you with groceries. So, how about providing a solution for this problem? 

For this, you can allow the users to enter the ingredients that they have in their kitchen already. Then, the mobile app will suggest to them a list of recipes they can make from the available resources.

  • Smart Investment App

An AI-based investment app that does market research and creates a thorough analysis that people will install for smart investment suggestions. Based on the given information, they can decide whether they want to invest or not. It will also allow them to make transactions through the app.

  • Startup Assistance App

Millions of people dream about a million-dollar startup every day. But most of them don’t get enough information or assistance to convert their ideas into reality. You can make an app that aims to help startup companies and entrepreneurs with answering of the researched common questions, topics, issues, along with offering hints, and tips about their new business ideas. You can also provide a platform for finding clients, investors, and professionals to recruit within the app itself.  Also, read need of Mobile App for Your Business.

Above mentioned were some unique apps that you can develop to help daily life problems of people. Other than these, you can also make grocery delivery apps, taxi apps, gift delivery apps, food delivery apps, sleep tracker, parking spot locator app, etc.  You can hire Android developer to help you with every process from planning to launching your app.



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