9 Ways Hand Trucks Can Help Your Employees Be More Efficient

Is your business lacking efficiency? Even if your employees are doing everything they can, improving efficiency is the goal of many business owners. One of the best ways to reach this goal is to equip employees with professional hand trucks designed with their daily tasks in mind. The best material handling equipment can not only make your employees safer but also help them get more things done in less time. With different types of hand carts, your employees can get various tasks accomplished with ease. Here are nine ways your employees can benefit from professional material handling equipment.

Move More Items at Once with Hand Trucks

Are your employees still moving a single box at a time? They could be much more efficient by moving multiple boxes at once with a hand cart. Thanks to a professional hand cart, your employees can stack boxes and move them all at once. It’s not only easier and faster than carrying a single box by hand but also safer. It’s easier to trip when carrying a single package as your employees may not be able to see what is in front of them. With a hand cart, employees can move around the warehouse or business with ease, all while being more productive.

Keep Employees Safer in Inclement Weather

Another problem your employees might face is tripping in inclement weather. Carrying a box when the ground is wet or covered in snow can be a safety hazard for your employees. Using hand trucks makes it much safer for employees to move items on slippery surfaces. It’s easier to focus on moving the hand truck and staying on their feet than holding a box while walking. This also helps employees move items on slippery loading docks while loading delivery vehicles.

Eliminate the Need for Team Lifts with Heavy Duty Hand Trucks

Sometimes your employees need to move items that exceed the weight limit of classic dollies. In that case, you need a heavy duty hand truck on hand. Using this type of dolly means your employees won’t need to do a team lift to move large appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, or other heavy items. The best heavy duty hand truck can be upgraded with optional add-ons. You might find side wings for wider loads, a ratchet strap to hold items tight, or a fourth wheel assembly to make it easier to break back the dolly.

Move Items Around a Store Faster with a Hand Cart

Restocking retail shelves or moving items to a different shelf can be a draining task. It can require repeatedly bending down to pick up items, which opens your employee up for potential back injuries. With a hand truck, your employee can quickly move items around the store. Restocking will require less stooping and bending, and employees might move a bit quicker too. They can stack boxes of items on the hand cart in the order they need to unbox and shelve them.

Gain Versatility with a Convertible Hand Truck

Your employees may need to make a wide variety of deliveries, and packages can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be awkward or heavy, making it hard for your delivery driver to complete the delivery efficiently. A convertible hand truck can quickly change from the classic upright dolly to a horizontal platform cart. It’s perfect for delivering oddly shaped boxes or multiple items at once. It’s especially useful when resupplying vending machines. Moving all of the items at once instead of having to go back and forth from the truck can be a major timesaver. The best convertible hand truck can offer your employees versatility when delivering or moving items.

Use Motorized Hand Trucks for Moving Heavy Objects Long Distances

A motorized hand truck is a perfect tool for a large warehouse. Your employees might need to move large items, such as refrigerators or couches. A powered hand truck can move heavy objects over long distances, and if your team moves heavy items all day long, it can really save them a ton of effort while improving efficiency. This makes it simple for a single employee to move a heavy item from across the warehouse to the dock and onto a delivery truck. It’s important to note that a motorized hand truck is too heavy to use for deliveries without a truck with a liftgate.

Renovations Are Easier with a Hand Truck

Are your employees renovating a home? Contractors can find a near-infinite amount of uses for material handling equipment. The classic hand cart can move boxes of tile, which are otherwise small but heavy boxes that are often carried one by one. A convertible hand truck can help move a box with a toilet for bathroom renovations. Your employees can use a heavy duty hand truck for the client’s new appliances or to move other items back in place when the renovations are completed. With a wide range of supplies and tools needed, moving items from a truck into the home with a hand truck is easy.

Create Store Displays Easily with Different Hand Trucks

Moving shelves and other items can be a challenge for employees creating a store display. Using a classic hand truck, a heavy duty hand truck, and a motorized hand truck can simplify the job. Employees can move shelves around with the motorized hand truck. The heavy duty hand truck can position items such as large appliances for display. Finally, your employees can use the hand truck to move boxes of items to the new display.

Powered Stair Climbing Dollies Help Employees Conquer Stairs

Do your employees have to deliver items to the second floor of houses? What about basement restaurants? Elevators aren’t always an option, and lugging items up multiple flights of stairs is inefficient and unsafe. A powered stair climbing hand truck can help make the process much easier. A powered stair climbing dolly has a motorized action that climbs the stairs. This lets your employee focus on staying in an ergonomic position. It also takes far less energy for your employee to move items up a flight of stairs.

About Magline

For 75 years, the Magliner brand has been synonymous with excellence within the material handling industry—a name that represents the ultimate standard of dependability. Every day, professionals everywhere rely on Magliner material handling equipment. The ultra-customizable traditional Magliner hand truck remains a cornerstone in the lineup. Other incomparable Magliner products include their convertible hand truck series, powered hand truck line, hand lift truck selection, and other material handling equipment. When you or your business needs something moved, delivered, or lifted, Magliner gear is there to ensure the toughest jobs get done efficiently and safely.

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