7 Tips to Prevent Breakup

Below are 7 tips you can do to prevent a breakup or stop the breakup that is about to happen.

Is breaking up and making up your thing? Or are you currently with a girl of your heart and you are afraid of not losing her to another guy? Are you wondering if there is a way you could save a relationship and never experience it? Or you are a lady wanting to prevent breakup? Whatever your case might be, just read on.

Let me first let you know that, it’s nothing to be worried about. Like I said earlier, just read on.

No doubt, you would have heard or at least read about the commons saying “prevention is better than cure”. What does it mean to you in this matter? Well, just in case you need to crack your brain before coming up with an expected answer, let me help you. What I am trying to say is you can actually prevent a breakup and never experience it as you wish. It doesn’t even matter if your current relationship is actually heading for a breakup.

1. Plan with your partner

This attitude is very common among guys. They don’t see a reason to plan or even discuss with their girls at all because some guys see girls as a less intelligent fellow that doesn’t really need to be part of them while they are planning how better things should be.

Take a break and look at it from this angle, how would you feel if she’s the one doing things this way. Of course, you will feel bad. You would even start thinking negatively if she keeps you in the dark. Things you should have done together, alone she is doing it? I believe you would feel bad about this just like I would. That is exactly how she would feel about it as well. She’d simply feel less important and soon, you may see her on her way out of your life.

2. Communicate Regularly

How to communicate in a relationship because it’s the most important thing in any relationship. But unfortunately, most partners don’t have time for each other. If you want to prevent break up and want your relationship to flourish, you’ve got to work for it! You need to create time if not each and every day, at least twice in a week to discuss issues that would be of benefit to your relationship and to your individual life.

3. Take care of Your Likes and Dislikes

This is no brain fag of course. One man’s food is anthers poison. What you like most may be what your partner hates most. This accounts for the reason you need to take a deep study of your partner. Get to know his or her “likes” and “dislikes” and simply treat them according to what you discover about them. What’s his favorite dish, color, and so on. This will help you create bonds and prevent breakups.

4. Include Your Plan in Your Personal Plans

Do you have a future plan for yourself? If yes, do you also have a plan for your partner as well? This is very important to men especially. When you plan for your girlfriend or wife and she is aware of it, she is more assured and guaranteed that she is secured. This can be a very effective tool to prevent breakups.

While you ladies plan as well, carry your partner along. it makes him feel worthy. You are letting him understand how much you value him.

5. Give Your Partner a Sense Of belonging

Stay close and if not possible always keep in touch with each other through the phone whenever you’re not together. This will increase your sense of belonging to each other.

6. Always Appreciate Your Partner

Appreciation brings more out of the person you’re appreciating. The case is the same in relationships. Encourage your partner with appreciation whenever you feel impressed with what he or she does. And even when it appears the other easy round, still try and encourage him or her with words like “you can do better”. Give him or her a helping hand when you feel they need it, this will make him or her a better and more loving partner.

7. Avoid Forceful Opinion

Whether you like it or not, situations will come where both of you will have different opinions. In a case like this, as much as you believe in your personal view of the matter, you need to respect your partners’ opinion as well. At times, men want to prove that they are in control and they’d want to force their opinion on their women, this is wrong! You have to put at the back of your mind that, not everything you think or say is right. You might be thinking a thing she did or said is wrong whereas it’s the right thing she has put into place and you trying to correct her is the wrong one. So do not correct her forcefully.

When she acts silly, never react immediately because they can be frustrating. If you react immediately to her wrongdoings, you might end up regretting your reaction towards her action.

If you take to the above tips as simple as they are, it will help you prevent breakup and never experience it in your life.

However, if your relationship is already losing its salt and a lot of warning signs are already showing up, I highly recommend The Magic Of Making Up, created by a renowned dating and relationship expert who has helped over 50,000 from different parts of the world.

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