A 101 Guide to Spouse Visa


For years, many couples have been upset by spouse visa conditions for the instructions and information are hard to follow. A large number of requests are dismissed. Because the applicant does not provide sufficient documentation. To demonstrate the relationship criterion. A foreign person seeking spousal sponsorship in Canada, confronts a very complicated legal procedure, whether it is domestics, a Canadian embassy, or a Canadian overseas consulate. A Canadian citizen or permanent resident must sponsor the spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner wishing to come into Canada, who must also file a request for sponsoring in support of the foreign spouse.

Rules for entry in Canada

If the information for spouse support is recognized. Immigration Canada will authorize the change of the spouse’s immigration status from that of a brief visit to that of a permanent residence. If the spouse lives outside Canada at the time of applying, the Canadian Immigration Authority issues a Canada spouse visa to a partner and only becomes a permanent citizen of Canada. When he or she enters the country.

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  3. This guide is indicated to present you with more general knowledge and advice.

If you are a Canadian citizen, registered Indian, or a Canadian permanent resident who is 18 years and older and you would want to sponsor the following:

  • Your spouse or common-law partner living in Canada with you and their dependant children
  • Your foreign spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner and their children

Use these instructions to prepare both:

  •  Your sponsoring application for your spouse, partner, or dependant kid;
  •  Application for permanent residency for your spouse, partner, or dependant kid.

If you apply in the Canadian class for an open work permit. your wife or partner may apply for an open work permit. If you pay the consultants for their services in any manner. they must be the Top spouse visa consultants.

Canada Immigration Immigration Spouse Terminology Sponsorship

The usage of the word “partner” alone refers to a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner of a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, depending on his context, To a person seeking immigration into Canada.

Also, the word ‘sponsor’ refers to the person seeking immigration benefits for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident on behalf of the partner.

Migration, Immigrants, and Citizenship Canada (CIC) was recently renamed the Canadian national government. The agency that handles all migration issues (IRCC).

Relationships Eligible

For Canadian immigration, The following connections with a Canadian citizen. Living citizens are considered functionally similar under Canadian law.

1. Spouse

You must be lawfully married to the sponsor to qualify as a spouse. When the marriage has been entered into under the legislation of the jurisdiction in which you were married. Under Canadian law, regardless of where you resided following your marriage. An example of marriage that may be recognized overseas but not in Canada would be a marriage where a partner was legally married to two or more partners simultaneously in accordance with the legislation of a foreign nation. It’s really important that you check the information of the Top spouse visa consultants on their website regarding who may advise you, support you with the form(s), contact us on your behalf, and/or represent you.

2. Common-law partner

 if you lived with your spouse in conjugal relations for at least one year you are a common-law partner under Canadian law (12 consecutive months, not necessarily an entire calendar year). This 12-month period must not be entirely ongoing. Brief absences are provided for work and family reasons. As you cannot produce a marriage certificate. Canadian immigration officials may demand more proof that your connection is genuine. Keep in mind that “coexistence” implies more than just living in one home; Business very finances must have been merged.

3. Conjugal Partner

 Partner(s) who have qualified under the categories of a spouse or common-law partner but are unable to do so due to local legislation or other factors beyond their control, such as an immigration obstacle, will be considered in the category of conjugal partner. Moreover, the other partner does not qualify as an acceptable reason for not coexisting. Further, if you have lived away from your spouse for one year. More and either one of you is the spouse or common-law partner of someone else. You cannot qualify as a spouse.

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