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A Contribution of Cloud Computing for the Gaming Industry

Cloud Computing

Cloud gaming refers to a process where the game is resided on the cloud server instead of on the end-user device. One can play the game by installing client software. This software can be accessed from the webserver.

Cloud based web server technology wings to many technologies like – music, television, etc. To offer extensive content to the users via a variety of devices like – smartphones, PCs, etc. The gaming industry is not an exception anymore. Gaming is a rapidly growing industry and it accounts to be generating the revenue of $70 billion. It is not a new thing that clouds computing offers huge opportunities to developers, designers, web hosting companies, etc. This industry has contributed a lot to resolve issues and constantly working towards an evolving gaming sector.

Below you will know about the top benefits of the gaming industry: –

Security from Cyber Criminals – Cybercriminals can be prevented by using by accessing industry level of security through cloud computing. There are many reasons for security. One of the most common reasons is that data is stored in different pools of servers. This makes it safer than other traditional applications. 

Compatibility – The scalable feature in the cloud, lets users play high-end games on lower-end user machines. Memory requirements, graphic capacity, RAM usage, processing power, etc, hardware configuration are reduced because of cloud computing. With Cloud computing, you will get an exceptional experience without investing in high-end devices.

Reduced Costs – Usually, when a new gaming title is released, companies have to pay a huge amount for bandwidth. Due to high web traffic in the system in traditional models of gaming, gaming companies have to think a lot before making any decision. But in cloud computing, gaming companies consume have to pay 10% of web server bandwidth and space. This clearly states as you what resources you have utilized. Just like a payment strategy in which you pay for the resources that you have used.

Easy Accessibility – Using the cloud, you can access your cloud server from any device at any location. You don’t need to download or configure any application. Therefore, the cloud is an advanced technological concept that is easy to implement. The implementation and configuration, you only have to work only for once. After installation and configuration, you have to simply log in and start using it.

Last Step for Privacy – The more games are available in the market, there will be more chance for the creation of pirated versions. Games that are directly accessible and available on the cloud decrease the chances of unauthorized creation of pirated versions. A less pirated version means more revenue for the company. As the user will pay for the game and will not opt for the pirated version. Now days, there are many games that come with direct installation. You don’t need to purchase that game, the game will generate revenue by showing advertisements on their gaming platform. 

Available for More Smart Devices – With the constant support of cloud computing, gamers and players can enjoy their gaming with more options and a large rand of devices. Rather than depending only on single console devices, gamers can play games on different devices without any compatibility issues. Now days, you will find different smart devices where most software can run easily. 

Dynamic and Immediate Backend Support – As compared to traditional Cloud storage capability, cloud applications give more flexibility and scalability. Gaming companies now offer more information to the gamers, to achieve and offer more delightful UX (User Experience). Gaming companies always aids in providing the finest satisfaction levels. As the industry is booming from day 1 and you will find different types of games. According to your requirement.

Access over Different Games – Cloud computing offers different games and the chance to play numerous games at a single point in time. This will simply turn a great help for the gaming industry to generate more costs/ revenue. It will also help the gaming sector to become more dynamic and bring active involvement for game lovers.


Instead of focusing on creating the hardware consoles. Gaming companies are now concentrating on delivering long-lasting game content with the support of cloud computing.

Cloud-based gaming has helped to revolutionize the gaming industry. And has helped game-makers to achieve more sale and return while offering gamers a seamless gaming experience. Seeing a cloud market, it is predicted that cloud computing will grow more and more. Most enterprises are now shifting towards cloud computing. With cloud computing, you will get all the resources that you were getting in traditional hosting. The major difference is that you will get a hassle dashboard where you can operate the cloud under one roof. For more information, you can connect with Cyfuture Cloud. We provide seamless clouds with different templates.

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