A Guide For Installing Fire Doors In Your Residential Property

Whether there is a new build property or an old one, if it has 3 or more stories then a fire door is a ‘must’ in the building. It is a must that every floor of the building has a fire door in it which opens into the staircase. If we take the law into consideration then fire doors are a requirement in those buildings such as flats that open onto a communal area that gets shared with other tenants.

Fire doors in houses are becoming a new trend:

We know the importance of having fire doors in the building but having fire doors in the house is becoming a new trend. People are shifting towards the trend of installing fire gates in their property but what benefit do they get out of it? Mishaps can happen anywhere at any time. You cannot stop the accident but what you can do is that you fully prepare yourself for any consequence that might come your way.

Fire doors in a house are just additional security and improve the safety of the house in any event of a fire. They allow you to easily evacuate the rooms through the fire doors into the staircase and then out of the house.

Converting a normal wooden door into a fire door:

Normally, fire doors are made up of steel and are coated with a fire-resistant material. Whereas the wooden doors which are routinely seen in houses do not have any kind of fire-resistant substance on them. And as wood tends to catch fire at a faster pace, then how can it serve the purpose of the fire door. Until and unless you get steel or an aluminium door and coat it with a fire-resistant substance, you cannot consider it as a fire door.

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Necessary measures which you need to take whilst installing fire door in the house:

When installing a fire door in a house, there are certain measures which you need to take for its proper functioning. The first and the very important thing which is to be kept in mind is that do not open the fire doors even for a short period of time whilst vacuuming or sweeping the house. Any obstacle can get stuck in it and can stop the door from closing properly. Whatever you can do to avoid it, do that. Because if a fire door does not close properly then it would fail to serve its purpose.

Another thing for ensuring that they are operating accurately and do not fail you in the time of need is to get them serviced and checked on a regular basis. Servicing after every 6 months will ensure that it functions properly and performs to its designated standard in the events of the fire.

Also, do not randomly open the fire doors just for the sake of fun. Keeping them open for a longer period of time can affect their functioning and then you would have to get fire door repairs services in Staffordshire. For avoiding this inconvenience, get a special device installed. It will automatically open and close the door when the fire alarm is activated, you won’t have to do anything.

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