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A Perfect Solution to Convert OST File Into PST File Format?

Articlewine | If you are fact-finding how to convert an OST file into PST format? Then, you are on the right platform. Here, you get all the possible solutions to import OST files into PST file formats easily. So, let us start the process using a manual method as well as an automated solution for the same.

OST is an Offline Storage File related to both Outlook and Exchange. The OST file is locally saved to copy Exchange Server mailbox data-Articlewine.. Therefore, the Outlook user can work even offline through an OST file and make changes as per their wish to emails which get automatically updated while being connected with the Exchange Server. So, it is beneficial to access and modify the Exchange data offline in Outlook when there is no internet connection.

PST file is a personal storage table, which is a file format Microsoft programs use to store items like Calendar events, Contacts, and email messages. The PST files are stored within popular Microsoft software like Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Outlook.

Now, let us start the process but before starting it we will know the reasons behind it.

Reasons to Convert OST to PST Files

It is easy to access OST files without internet connectivity because OST files are offline. There are various situations when these files become inaccessible. To manage the situation the user needs to change the OST file into another file format i.e., PST. So, they can easily create backups, share them, and store them on any system.

Below are some key points that describe the need to convert OST files into PST format.

  • Therefore, OST files are only compatible with exchange servers, while PST supports multiple servers apart from the exchange.
  • When it converts OST to PST, it is easy to transfer and share files from one system to another.
  • It may Corrupt or damage OST files which can be recovered when users migrate the OST mailbox into PST.
  • The PST data format updates consistently to satisfy the new demand of users.
  • Also, users can encrypt their files with a password and obstruct any unwanted access.

However, users can re-establish email communication during Exchange downtime or unavailability. These are the common reasons users want to convert an OST file into PST. In the next section, We will discuss the method to save Outlook OST files in PST.

How to Convert OST File Into PST Format Manually?

If you want to convert OST documents to PST it is not an easy task until you have proper guidance. To save OST files into PST, make sure your system is configured with Outlook and connected to the Exchange server. Having access to the Outlook profile is sufficient to convert the OST record to PST.

Steps to Import the OST File Into Outlook PST

  • Firstly, Open MS Outlook and tap on the File in the menu bar.
  • Now, select the Open & Export option and press on Import/Export
  • Select the Export to a File option in the new Import and Export Window
  • After that, select the items that you want to export into PST and hit on the Next button.
  • Choose the desired location in the Export Outlook Data File wizard and click on the Finish button.

In the above steps, we can convert an OST file to a PST. Some users have the question of how can I convert an OST file to a PST in Outlook 2019? But, don’t worry because this method can be used with any version of Outlook. And, it is important to know that the manual method has some limitations. So, let’s discuss some constraints of the manual method.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

For converting OST files into Outlook PST using the manual method is a good choice. But, we can not say that it is the best and most reliable solution. It is not considered a risk-free method to convert an OST file into PST. So, below are some major limitations that are faced by users while converting OST into PST manually.

  • Only the technical expertise or users with good technical knowledge can follow the manual techniques.
  • It cannot convert selected OST files only based on date.
  • Therefore, users are required to configure an Outlook account in the system and must connect with the exchange server.
  • As there is a risk of data loss or corruption if the OST file size is very large.
  • The manual method may cause the complete failure of the process.

Convert Multiple OST File Into PST File Format – Automated Solution

As in the above section, you see that the manual technique to import an OST file into Outlook is very time-consuming and which does not deliver effective results. To convert OST to PST open source, many experts suggested an automated solution.

Using the professional Microsoft OST to PST Converter Free Tool, users can bulk migrate OST data files into PST without any limitations. It is the most reliable and quick solution that also maintains the original folder hierarchy throughout the process.

It also converts selected emails only based on Date, To, and From, without any data alteration. In addition, users are allowed to convert encrypted OST files to PST with ease.

So, we just suggest you use our automated software for an easy & simple conversion process. Now, let us move toward its working steps:-

Step by Step Guide to Convert OST File Into PST

Following are the steps for converting multiple OST files into PST file formats. Using an automated solution you can easily complete the process without facing any single piece of data. So, let’s take a look!

  1. Download & run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, added files will be displayed on your Software screen
  3. Choose the desired export option from the available formats
  4. Finally, once you are done click on the Export button

These are the steps to convert multiple OST files into Outlook PST without losing any data files. And, make your task easier and simpler than the others.

Author Suggestion

In this article, we have discussed how to convert OST files into PST file format. Here, get two methods which are a manual method and an automated solution which is suggested by experts for an easy conversion process. The manual method is not able to convert multiple OST files into Outlook PST format.

So, we just recommended you to use automated software which is easy & quick for any kind of issue. Also, capable of converting multiple Outlook OST files into PST file formats-Articlewine.. Now, choose as per your requirement which one is best for you and your problems.

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