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A-Z Types of Glassware from Woodenstreet

Have you ever seen that scene where people drink wine out of their teacups? Well, you would not have to do that if you had the right types of glassware for all your drinks!

There are just so many different kinds of drinks, but fortunately, there are just as many types of drinkware available. Woodenstreet has a plethora of elegant glassware for all your needs. From coffee mugs and teacups to glassware for beer-we have everything. What’s more? You can buy glassware online from the comfort of your homes as well.

Coffee Mugs and Teacups

Enjoy steaming tea and coffee out of these amazing cups.The Green Ceramic Dual Glazed Pottery Coffee Mugs – Set of 6 is just what you need, it has a rustic look, a glazed design and the indented pattern makes it stand out. These mugs are easy to clean as well.

And the Multicolour Handpainted Jumbo Coffee Mugs – Set of 2 has such a peculiar design that it really does make an impression. This coffee mug is so durable that you can use it on an everyday basis.

Milk Mugs

Serve both cold and hot milk with a lot of class in these glassy mugs.TheAqua-Blue Ceramic Milk Mug is one of a kind. It has a blue marbled design that sure to inspire the artist in you.

While the Faces Ceramic Milk Mug has a simple, artistic pattern on a plain white base. It has an extraordinary design that will allow the liquid to cool down faster.

Kid’s Mugs

Most kids really enjoy animals- and these cups are sure to catch their fancy. Because the Creative Animal Eat Grass Ceramic Cup has a cow print- which just wants to eat grass. Whether or not they know other things, they would surely know that cows eat grass.

While the pastel Pink Unicorn Rainbow Mason Jar is perfect for kids that enjoy fairy tales and unicorns. Its design really makes it stand out. You can also use this gorgeous mug to serve desserts.

Glassware for Beer

 Drinking Beer is a rite of passage for those on the brink of adulthood. You can gift them the 330 ML Premium Plain Beer Mugs – Set of 2 to help them celebrate their special day.

But if you really want glassware for beer- the 40 ML Birnen Beer Mugs – Set of 2 is a really fancy addition to your glassware collection. Their shape makes it a great way to serve beer to your guests!

Liquor Glasses

Long Island Ice Tea- here we come. The 300 ML Barline Cocktail Glasses – Set of 6 is great for a night of drinking cocktails with your girlfriends. Its classic design makes it perfect for all kinds of drinks. But if you and your buddies really want to have hard drinks like whiskey, the 410 Ml King Whiskey Glasses – Set of 6 is perfect.

Shot Glasses

Enjoy a tipsy tequila shot in the beautiful and durable Charismatic Peacock Shot Glasses – Set of 4. What’s best is that you need not worry about cleaning up the next day because this piece of glassware is dishwasher safe.

The Italian Prune Plum Shot Glasses – Set of 4 may remind you of wine but it actually is a shot glass. So do not sit your drink out for too long- it won’t have the wine you know!

These types of glassware are just what you need to fulfill all your needs. You can use them to serve just about anything; you can even use them to make a quick midnight ‘Mac and cheese’ snack. Just make sure that the glassware is microwave safe. You can buy these designs, and many other beautiful glasswares online from WoodenStreet at affordable rates and enjoy hi-teas and classy bachelor parties with your loved ones.


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