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Advantages & Disadvantages of Ceramic Tiles in Kitchen

Today, many owners have to choose between floor coverings such as tiles and laminate. The article will focus on what is better in the kitchen tile or laminate, and will also consider the main nuances, advantages, and disadvantages of using the coating in this room.

Ceramic tiles for kitchen

Ceramic tile (tile) is a durable facing material with excellent design and long service life.  A significant advantage is that the coating is highly resistant to the following irritants. Moisture, aggressive exposure to chemicals, temperature drops, mechanical impact.

In this regard, the most popular rooms for laying tiles are kitchen ceramic tiles, bathroom ceramic tiles, corridor, living room, and open areas of the house (balcony, terrace). Also, the tile is an ideal floor covering for offices, retail outlets, and other premises with an intense flow of visitors.

Another positive side of ceramic tiles is their environmental friendliness. This material does not accumulate harmful substances, which is another argument in favor of choosing it. All this becomes possible due to the use of only natural materials in the production of tiles.

Tile is among the best options for kitchen flooring, as the kitchen is a room of the house that not only sees a lot of footfall but also the occasional messy accident. More durable than the likes of hardwood, vinyl and laminate, tiles also tend to be more waterproof and generally easier to clean.

There are other advantages as well

  • Weak conductivity of electric current
  • Inertia
  • Fire resistance, providing additional protection against fire in the room. The tiles will keep the fire from spreading through the floor. Also, when heated, the tile does not lose its characteristics and does not deform
  • The tile design can be presented in a variety of ways. Which affects the material’s harmonic relationship with the interior of the room where it is installed. Any owner can ensure the success of the property sale process by taking a photo of such a room.

Ceramic tiles also have disadvantages:

  • The surface of the tile is always cold. This issue can be resolved by putting in place a good heating system. Installing a warm floor system beneath the tiles is the most practical option.
  • High cost of tiles in comparison with other coatings. Remember that you will have to pay extra for the tile-laying process.

Despite the price, it is not recommended to save on ceramic tiles, since the low cost is a sign of poor product quality.

If pattern is an absolute must, then encaustic tiles are much more durable than painted ceramic tiles — as their pattern is pressed into the tile itself, it won’t wear away. They are, however, porous and more difficult to clean.

Having thoroughly studied the characteristics of each material, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, it is easy to understand that ceramic tiles for the kitchen are the priority material for covering floors in the kitchen. If the owner wants to use laminate flooring, then he should competently plan the zones in the kitchen block and combine both materials. It is safer to pay professionals than to do such work on your own, but many times longer and more expensive.

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