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Advantages of custom web development

The term custom web development is very much the order of the day, but you know what its meaning is and what its main advantages are. In this article we will clarify all your doubts regarding this issue and we will tell you the main phases that these types of developments usually go through.

What is custom web development?

Custom web development consists of the creation of a website that adapts to the needs, specific functionalities and management processes that a company or a particular client has consolidate. This development always begins with a first phase of analysis, in which the needs of the client or the company are evaluate.

This web software will be fully adapt to the area for which it needs to be develop, the main characteristics of custom web development is that they have a different development time for each type of project, it is fully adapt to the client’s needs and is usually a little more expensive than web templates that use tons of web on the internet.

Phases of custom web development

The phases of the development of a website that adapts to our needs can be very vary but in general it can be summarize in 4 phases / parts:

  • Analyze the requirements and requirements of the project : This is the most important and complex part of the entire project, knowing exactly what we need is a complicate task if we are not very clear about it. In this phase we need to write in the most detail way possible how we want our website to work and what functions we need.
  • Carry out a preliminary design : Many web programming companies have designers who are responsible for making a sketch of what the web would be like before going directly to programming to see if it meets the client’s expectations:
  • Programming : Once the preliminary design is complete, it is only necessary that the programmers begin to build the web and all the functions that the client request.
  • Testing : This is almost the final phase, once we have the finish website it is necessary to do tests to determine that everything is fine and in case of problems go back to the previous programming step to fix them or improve some function. This section often includes integration tests whereby the product is test to work on the client’s server / computer.

Advantages of custom web development

The advantages of carrying out a custom web development are very vary as it allows us to have a unique website, because we can carry out a complete customization of our website by adding the functionalities that we consider necessary to meet our needs, in this way we avoid buying templates that many people use and that our visitors confuse our website with another. As they say in the blog of Ensalza, a web development agency in Lahore , “with a website design from scratch, the philosophy and essence of the brand can be fully capture”.

Many times with a CMS (Content Manager, ex: WordPress) we do not have enough due to its limitations and functionalities , that is why it is necessary to create a web application as it helps us solve more complex problems. Let’s say in the case that we need a web panel to manage some functionality, IoT devices or any other aspect that only with a CMS would be mission impossible, in this case custom web development also comes into play where we can make a better integration with our products and have better compatibility.


The SEO is another decisive factor to give visibility to any business, medium or similar web that price in the market. By carrying out a custom web development we can obtain a better optimization of our website for mobiles and computers, this allows us to load our website faster by eliminating unnecessary elements, adding support for AMP and thereby improving our relationship with Google 😉.

It is important to have a multi-device website , because our audience could reach us from a simple clock to a television. Also, by being available from more sites, we provide visitors with a better overall experience.

Another aspect that people tend to neglect more is security , by having a website develop to measure on the one hand we prevent people from discovering vulnerabilities more easily as it is close source. It is important in any web product to perform a pentesting (penetration test) in order to discover bugs in the programming, solve them and optimize the code.

In conclusion, custom web development is usually the most convenient when you are looking for something different, optimize for your business and especially if you want to obtain a better web positioning by having greater optimization for the main search engines.

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