Best Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Most people think of air pollution in traffic-clogged towns, planes, or power stations. They don’t know that air pollution in homes is ten times worse than outside. You may not realize it, but you will experience respiratory problems after some time.

Reconsider Your Paint

Use paints with low VOCs and those without a strong smell. Make sure to check the can and see the ingredients list. Avoid painting with plastic as it creates a barrier between the walls, leading to mold growth. In addition, keep off formaldehyde, acrylics, and oil-based paints. Instead, go for water-based paints.

Desist From Using A Wood-Burning Stove

A wood stove is a common household item, but studies show that it exposes you to air pollutants. The old models emit a lot of smoke that can damage the lung tissues, leading to respiratory problems. You can replace the wood stove with an electric fire. However, if you must use the wood stove, keep the windows open.

Purchase An Air Purifier

Pollen and dust are microscopic and impossible to clean because you can’t see them. The machine traps harmful air, purifies it, and releases it back into the house much cleaner. However, ensure to maintain the machine and in case of a breakdown, consult air conditioning repir Denver-based.

Avoiding Damp In The House

Damp places attract dust mites and viruses into the house. Close the bathroom door when taking a hot shower to prevent steam from condensing in the house. Also, cover pots when cooking and always keep the windows open. If your room is poorly insulated, you can control humidity with a dehumidifier.

Avoid Smoking

It is illegal to smoke in enclosed areas. This is to protect non-smokers from the effects of smoke because the tobacco particles can remain harmful for over five hours. In addition, avoid burning incense sticks and candles because they emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Avoid Air Fresheners

Air fresheners help keep off bad smells in the house, but they are made of synthetic chemicals that can cause respiratory problems. Use fragrance-free natural products or essential oil burners. To neutralize cooking smells in the kitchen, leave a glass of white vinegar overnight or slices of lemon in water.

Dust Frequently

Although quality vacuum cleaners are pricey, they are the best suited to remove pet hair, dust, and pollen from the house. Dust buildup can cause respiratory problems. To stay safe, vacuum regularly, bash rugs and throw pillows outside to reduce dust. Keep off the clutter and use a damp cloth to wipe surfaces.

Keep The Windows Open

This may seem an obvious practice, but keeping the windows open is the simplest way to improve air quality. In winter, open windows for some time to let oxygen in and reduce humidity in the room. Air pollution in the house is avoidable with preventive practices such as opening windows, avoiding smoking and air fresheners, buying an air purifier, and dusting frequently. This way, you’ll keep your family safe from health damage.

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