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All About Wide Feet: Concerns, Footwear & more

All About Wide Feet: Concerns, Footwear & more

Some people are born with wide feet because they inherit them from their families. Others get broad feet as they age or grow older due to their ligaments & tendons becoming loose. Moreover, even foot deformities like bunions & hammertoes can increase the width of the foot. Even pregnant mothers suffer from swelled feet during the second & third trimesters.

Thus, you can have trouble finding the best shoes for wide feet that fit you perfectly. Wide feet may not be such a big issue, but wearing the wrong size & dimension shoes can increase foot pain. So, let’s waste no more time & read about the significant concerns of wide feet people.

Common Concerns of People Regarding Wide feet:

Should I Size Up If I Have Wide Feet?

Yes, you must buy shoes that have wide or extra wide sizing. Generally, 2E or larger is a wide shoe size for men.4E, or bigger shoe size is for ladies. It is because wearing narrow shoes will be too tight for broad feet.

How Do I Know if My Feet Are Wide?

You will observe that your feet feel tight & cramped in regular shoe size. Hence, for instance, you have foot dimensions of 4 1/16″ in size nine shoe or 3 3/16″ in size 7. Then, you can conclude that you have a wide foot (C/D).

Are Wide Feet Genetic?

Yes, they can be genetic or inherited from the family. Moreover, other factors also affect foot dimensions. It includes prolonged obesity, pregnancy with triplets, flattened arch of the foot & poor foot development at an early stage.

Can You Fix Wide Feet?

Yes, if you have tried all the available options to fix the wide feet issue, you can go with surgery. Cosmetic foot surgery can reduce your discomfort and change it into a narrow dimension. It is a good solution in case you don’t want to aggravate the foot deformities. It’s better to fix the foot issue in its early stage.

Do Feet Get Bigger with Weight Gain?

Obesity & overweight can indeed lead to an increment in foot width & length. As the body mass increases, it puts more pressure on the entire foot contours. Especially if you are pregnant with twins or triplets, your body weight multiplies, causing foot deformation.

What Type of Shoes Should People with Wide Feet Wear?

You can wear the following shoe options if you have wide feet:

  1. Slip Ons & Wedges:

You can wear wedges, especially for dancing. Moreover, the best basketball shoes for wide feet include slip Ons for a casual sports match. They are easy to slide in & give extra comfort to the broad foot. It will put less strain on the feet during every forward step. Slip Ons are an excellent option for both indoor & outdoor use.

  1. Pointed Toed Flat Pumps:

Pumps give both a professional & chic look to the feet. The pointed toes in the best shoes for wide feet provide a roomy & lengthy toe box. You can wear them for work or vacation trips on weekends. They can either be leather or suede-based pumps, creating a flexible outer structure. The best children’s shoes for wide feet have such pump designs.

  1. Open Toed Strappy Sandals:

The best running shoes for wide feet have an open exterior body design to provide breathability. The straps will firmly & securely grip the foot while walking. This broad footbed shoe is ideal for summers. The hook & loop straps add style & adjustability to the foot width. Lastly, such best shoes for wide feet are open-toed to prevent them from cramming. It will allow your toes & forefoot fingers to spread quickly.


To summarize it all, the best shoes for wide feet are worth the investment & can save you from a lot of pain. You can live a very normal life even with broad feet by shopping for the right shoes. Rather than feeling that it’s a problem to have chubby feet, you must embrace your foot contours. Take guidance from our blogs & go to your podiatrist to seek their advice regarding your medical foot condition.

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