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Effective planning and ideation are required for an ICO launch, and an ICO Token development company can help you by providing the complete service to succeed in your fundraising goals.


If you have a potential business idea and are looking for a means to raise capital for your business, you have come to the right place. An ICO is a crowdfunding mechanism in which coins are offered in return for the investments made by the investors. Through ICO launch, you can raise the desired amount of funds required for your business development and become a successful entrepreneur. An ICO Development Company can provide you with the necessary end-to-end services for your ICO launch and make it a success. Let us see in detail about ICO, types of ICO, the importance of white paper, the need for ICO marketing service, the advantages of ICO, and the need for choosing the right blockchain technology in the rest of the blog.

ICO And Its Types:

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a fundraising method by which funds are raised through ICO tokens. ICOs are similar to IPOs. The only difference between IPO and ICO is that in an IPO, the investors receive shares of the company they have invested in. In contrast, in an ICO, coins are issued which have utility for the company’s product or service. 

Types of ICO:

The initial coin offering can be of two types

  1. Public: As the name suggests, this type is open to all. Investors from all economic classes can participate in this ICO. 
  2. Private: Only a selected number of investors can participate in this type of ICO. In other words, a group of investors with huge net worth can participate in this type of ICO. 

What Is An White-Paper? Why Is It Important For ICO Projects?

The success of your ICO depends on various elements. One of the main factors is in the white paper creation. A white paper is an information-rich official business document that provides investors with the necessary information about your firm. The main elements to be presented in a white paper are the company’s mission/vision statement, objectives, expected funds use, target audience, company milestones, employees, token launch details, and other important details. All these details should be mentioned on point and in a straightforward way and should not be in the form of an essay or research. 

A white-paper is very important for an ICO launch because as soon as you publish your white-paper, you can launch your ICO. The main aim of the white-paper is to give a clear-cut idea to the potential investors about your business prospects. The Initial Coin Offering starts as soon as the white paper goes live. You can list your ICO on various listing sites or on your website. Since this document needs to be written meticulously, hiring a company that excels in providing ICO Launch Services is recommended.

ICO Marketing Services:

Only a white-paper is not sufficient for the ICO’s success. Awareness and visibility plays a major role when it comes to success. A proper ICO marketing plan is required to get a wider reach of your ICO project to raise more funds. An ICO marketing plan includes the following services:

  • ICO Listing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Advertisements
  • Community Management Through Telegram/Discord
  • Email Marketing
  • Press Release
  • Content Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Video Marketing, etc.

To understand better, let us discuss the pros of an ICO launch:

  • The main benefit of launching an ICO is its global accessibility. Investors worldwide can participate in your ICO. 
  • Through an ICO, you can eliminate all the barriers with traditional fundraising methods. In a traditional fundraising method, there are a lot of rules and regulations to be followed. There is no net worth limitation. For example, a country’s total population can participate in an ICO as there are no restrictions. And these investors stay anonymous.
  • There is no third-party involvement required. This ICO takes place in a decentralized way, and no intermediates are involved between you and your investors. You can sell your token immediately after minting and launching. The investors need cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum coin to purchase the ICO tokens. 

There are many other benefits of choosing ICO for your project’s fundraising. Now that you have seen the importance of white-paper and the advantages of ICO, let us see the next most important factor in ICO development. 

Choosing The Best Blockchain Technology For ICO Development

The next thing to decide is which blockchain technology will be used for your tokens. The most widely used blockchain technology is Ethereum due to its sustainability. Most companies launch their ICO on Ethereum ERC 20 tokens as they can be created in a few minutes and can be used for your ICO launch. 

The date, terms and conditions, and buying process are to be announced by a company well in advance when deciding to launch an ICO. On the launch date, the investors can purchase these ICO tokens using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Most ICOs only accept payment in the form of cryptocurrency, and fiat cannot be used for purchasing. 

Summing Up:

Although ICOs are a clever way to generate capital from the public. Not all ICOs are successful. Effective planning and ideation are required. An ICO Token development company can help you by providing the complete ICO development service and help you launch and succeed in your fundraising goals.

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