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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Smart Speaker (Review)

It’s definitely surprising that the 183.62 AEDs Amazon Echo Dot 4 Smart Speaker took so long to look similar to a dot. This fourth generation Echo Dot has now changed to a sphere in order to match the design and mirror the look of the latest 4th gen Echo, though it is smaller and the Amazon Echo Dot 4 price in Dubai is far less.

Even though there isn’t much else that has changed or updated yet in this regard, the latest Echo Dot is still one of the finest ways to add in Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to each room of your house. And yet, if you intend to place the speaker on your desk/workstation, nightstand, or wherever else you use timers and clocks, we truly think that the LED clock face on the Amazon Echo Dot is absolutely worth the extra 36 AEDs.

Let’s get more into quick facts, the specifications, and a detailed review you all have been asking for.

Quick Facts About Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation:

  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • It has an eye-catching look.
  • It offers a 3.5mm output.
  • It seems like there’s just a cosmetic change from the previous model.
  • It has a weak bass.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation Features:

  • It features Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It has built-in Wi-Fi.
  • It offers a Multi-room music system.
  • It offers 3.5mm Physical Connections.
  • It’s not portable.
  • It’s not water resistant.
  • It has a Speakerphone.
  • It features Amazon Alexa as a built-in Voice Assistant.

Pretty Much A New Design

The Amazon Echo Dot 4 is a 3.9-inches sphere that is covered in half plastic and half fabric. It’s available in white, blue or dark grey. It has four physical controls on the top for volume up. They work for Alexa activation, volume up, volume down, and turning off the mic.

It also has a blue light ring that signifies Alexa attention has moved from the top to the bottom of the Echo Dot’s speaker. It gives the speaker’s bottom area a nice glow when doing this.
The speaker’s back features a power adapter and 3.5 micrometres audio throughput for linking the Echo Dot to a bigger speaker.

Along with the current version, there is an Echo Dot for Kids as well, pictured below. The Echo Dot for kids has a cute cover that looks like a baby tiger or a baby panda. Though you have to pay 36 AEDs more for it, you’ll get a two-year warranty, an all-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, and the veteran FreeTime endless kids’ content service too.

You must not expect any improvement in the audio quality, as this is mainly a cosmetic change. The Echo Dot still retains a 1.6-inch driver and 3.5 micrometres line out of powering the large speakers.
If you want to experience the best audio quality, you can upgrade to the 4th gen Echo, which has dual 0.8-inch tweeters with its three-inch woofer.

Amazon Alexa

Just like every other Amazon Echo speaker before this one, the latest Echo Dot allows you to access Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant by saying “Alexa” pursued by a command. Alexa is capable of responding to general questions, sharing information about different asked things like weather forecasts, unit transformations, and much more. Plus, making in-house calls to other Alexa devices and phone calls is also a great feature.

Playing music from Amazon Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and Apple music is also included in the Echo Dot’s features. Plus, Echo Dot also features Bluetooth connectivity if you want to listen to your favourite music on other services.

Although Alexa is really helpful and informative, its syntax/phrasing tends to be often very strict when we resemble it with a Google Assistant, which is generally included with the Nest Audio and the Nest Mini.

I have researched in detail and found that the Google Assistant works great in recognising the natural language, especially when it interacts with smart home appliances. Amazon is still evolving Alexa, and the company is working really hard to enhance its natural language understanding. But right now, Google Assistant wins the competition in my review and has the edge as it is more user-friendly and easier to talk to.

Audio Performance

You can expect not to get the room-filling power/strength or low-frequency rumble with Echo Dot. The Echo Dot speaker handled the bass test track I took, The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” without hardly any response to speak of. At the highest sound levels, the kick drum as well as bass synth sound poppy at best and distorted at worst.

No doubt the Roundabout sounds a little better on the Echo Dot, but in my experience, it still lacks a significant amount of bass response. The initial acoustic guitar pickings have got some string textures but also come off as somewhat slightly tiny and a bit hollow. When the track completely kicks in, the mix sounds fairly well-balanced, but any bass is overshadowed by the vocals standing firmly in the front.
Also, there is not much in the lower frequencies to balance out the sound signature’s focus on the highs.

Just like the previous versions, the latest Amazon Echo Dot 4 does not sound much worse. But it lacks the power and range to truly offer an incredible listening experience that can fill the entire room with very well-balanced audio.

But that is not the point. The Echo Dot is made to bring Amazon Alexa’s voice assistance capabilities to any room in your house, from a desk corner to a kitchen, a living room, or a nightstand. If you want an Amazon Alexa speaker mainly for listening to music, upgrade to the 363 AEDs Echo or 730 AED Echo Studio.

It’s More About Amazon Alexa & Less About the Music!

Since I have started using and reviewing the Echo Dot speakers for years, they have continuously been better choices and excellent options for all purposes. But apart from the superb music they have actually made to deliver, that actually makes sense as Alexa can do much more than just play music.

You would be amazed knowing that it can also help with doing homework and more like commanding smart home appliances, talking to family members over an in-house intercom, listening to podcasts, answering questions, and much more than you can imagine. The Echo Dot 4th is your gateway to all of istanbul escort that.

This 183.62 AEDs Echo Dot 4th is the main rival in the echo market. It mirrors a plug-in air freshener but features Alexa rather than containing a synthetic fresh breeze scent. The flex is great if you have another speaker to connect to. But if there’s any other noise or sound in the room, unfortunately, its tiny driver isn’t even powerful enough for podcasts or making a call.

On the other hand, the Nest mini has the best comparable and useful smart features via Google Assistant rather than Amazon voice assistant, even though its audio quality is slightly weaker and poor than the Echo Dot.

All Summed Up!

If you already own a third generation of an Amazon Echo Dot, there is very little incentive to upgrade the existing one. It’s basically the same speaker with a unique design. But if you are looking to buy a smart speaker in Dubai and want something that has just a little more strength than the Eco-Flex, you must buy the amazon echo dot online. Believe me, guys, it is the best choice that costs half the price of the full-size Echo. However, the Echo Dot with Clock is worth spending the extra 36 AEDs as its useful display makes it stand out as the ideal nightstand speaker.

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