Amazon SEO: A Complete Guide for Sellers

It is important that all business owners understand how to use Amazon to market their brick-and-mortar products in today’s eCommerce world.

This article will discuss search engine optimization (SEO), activities you should do to increase the traffic to your Amazon store.

First, you should know that Amazon’s SEO is largely dependent on its A10 Algorithm which helps buyers find the products they are most likely to purchase.

Optimizing Product Listings

Consider the fact that your product title is the first impression your potential customers have of your product. When creating product titles, you should consider Amazon SEO A10 Algorithm.

Amazon SEO gives each product category its own title formula. For example, video games titles will need to be titled with a brand, followed by a product type, and finally the platform.

Keyword stuffing can negatively impact your rank. To help you structure your titles, Amazon Seller Central offers style guides for different categories.

Descriptions of the products

When writing product descriptions, the key is to emphasize the benefits of your product rather than listing its features. This is your opportunity to tell a brand story.

This description is more focused on the customer’s pain point than just the features. It also includes all relevant keywords.

You will also need information like size, age-appropriateness, and colors.

Backend Keywords

You have the opportunity to add backend keywords, which can be very useful for searchers.

Although these terms aren’t visible to searchers, they can help increase the visibility of your listings.

Actually like we have Meta titles and depictions for our sites, Amazon gives vendors the choice to add significant keywords that are not really utilized in the title and item portrayals through these backend search terms. 

Item Images 

Great quality item pictures are fundamental for your amazon product listing. They impact CTR and afterward ultimately your sales and rankings. 

Sales Velocity 

Amazon’s Sales Velocity is actually what the name proposes. It’s how quickly your item sells. 

As we’ve referenced before, Amazon’s SEO group needs individuals to purchase stuff. So it’s just coherent for Amazon SEO to show items that are selling quickly. 

Presently you might contemplate how you would get deals if your posting isn’t showing up on the main page. 

That is the reason it’s consistently a smart thought to zero in the entirety of your endeavors on getting traffic from both inner and outside sources. 

The inward sources can include running PPC advertisements for Amazon itself, getting an Amazon Prime identification, or in any event, running sweepstake giveaway advancements as a feature of your dispatch stage. 

Check out this SellerApp guide to know more about Amazon PPC.

Item Reviews 

It’s critical to take note that item surveys go inseparably with the business speed of your posting. 

You may have seen that the greater part of the items that show up at the highest point of the rankings have bunches of surveys. This is particularly valid for more wide watchwords. 

Indeed, this is fundamental because of the way that two out of three clients entrust vendors with countless audits.

But since of this, numerous vendors have depended on getting phony audits, putting their whole record at the danger of suspension. 

So that is most certainly not suggested. In any case, there are some white cap rehearses out there that can assist you with social events more surveys. 


So chalk out your item obtaining cost, and if you’re simply beginning, select one fundamental contender with a high positioning and model your valuing as per that. 

You can likewise utilize an Amazon Price checker like Keepa to see the whole history of changes in the estimating made by your rivals. 

When you have a thought of your upper cost and lower value chunks, A/B tests to see which gets the most transformations and adhere to that.

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