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Arabian Home Decor Ideas You May Have Never Heard Of

What Characterizes The Arabian Decor?

Arabian decor is differentiated from other types of décor in various ways. It appeals to the eye and is characterized by its detailed structures and eye-catching colors. It satisfies your vision and captures your senses to the maximum. This is mostly because of the colorful textiles that are displayed on the walls and floors as well as the multiple patterns and textures. This type of interior design often contributes deep color and classy impression to a certain space. The usage of bricks and stones as well as granite if very familiar and common in Arabian home decor.

Arabian Decor Inspirations

The Arabian style used in home decor nowadays is inspired by many factors of the old days. Some of which are inspired from old Moroccan houses, churches and mosques. The picture below shows an impression of the Arabian interior designs. The most prominent features of the Arabian design found in this picture are the phenomenal tiles and bricks which are displayed on the walls. We can notice the usage of deep colors ranging from light and dark brown in addition to dark green. And the most exceptional feature that adds the elegance to the Arabian décor is the addition of the gold color in between the textiles. This in addition to the usage of classy chandeliers and special patterns. This design which is mostly found in mosques has inspired many home decor ideas.

Bedroom Arabian Design Ideas

Arabian décor has developed and evolved in many ways to become more modern and up to date, without losing the rustic and Bedouin-style impression. Home decor designers have aimed to maintain this Arabian style type of décor and display it in certain furniture and items. For example, classy chandeliers and special lighting structures known as the “Fanous” are very common in Moroccan interior designs. Additionally, Arabic furniture is also characterized by the textured and patterned sofas, chairs and tables which are made of high quality wood. Some of which are also softly painted with light colors on the dark brown wood.

The image below perfectly displays the Moroccan style of furniture; which is viewed as the best quality furniture due to its endurance abilities. This type of furniture is able to last for years without getting ruined or damaged. What’s great about the design in the image below is that the Arabian style merges with the modern décor impression. Which creates a soft and calm Arabian design. The dark color of the furniture along with the light color of the bedroom, provides balance and pleasure for your vision. So if you are looking forward to add an Arabian impression to your modern house, consider adding some Moroccan, well-made wood furniture. Moreover, you can also use the exceptional lighting structures which are very common in Arabian décor.


How Can You Create an Arabian Decor?

As mentioned before, the Arabian style is mostly characterized by bricks, textiles, and colorful patterns. If you want to add an elegant Arabian impression to your house; you can begin with adding darker colors to your furniture as well as merging gold plated items into your living area. Fancy chandeliers as well as colorful carpets and curtains also add a unique and rustic impression to your house! And you can also add some good-quality wood furniture in addition to couches with certain patterns.

After all, the Arabian style used in décor can be very variable and interesting! There are limitless ideas and methods of which can add a classy Arabian sense to your house.

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