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What gave birth to the eCommerce digital agency Arona Digital is when foresaw. the market shift from traditional digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka to a more sophisticated e-commerce marketing. It was definitely an unheard-of concept but here is what we thought; if you are to sell anything using digital channels it was going to be an eCommerce activity. why would we spend time on anything else when we can laser focus on driving results for our clients to steer their growth?

Hence, Arona Digital was born to drive Ecommerce based results to those. who were tired of traditional digital marketing and those who wanted a lot more than that.

Good eCommerce sites lead visitors down the sales funnel with conversion-focused content and design. Did you know that with the same amount of traffic, you can sell more products? We realised many advertising agencies in Sri Lanka do not look from a result driven eCommerce mindset, so we do just that.

They understood that it is a collaborative effort where they got us involved in every important decision made in the business whether it was directly related to marketing or not.  They further helped us establish as the first eCommerce led advertising agency in Sri Lanka.

Brand Marketing Process for Arona Digital

Your Brand Is Your Most Valuable Intellectual Property. How Do You Elevate It?

How do you make your purchase decisions when it comes to cars? phones? clothing? It is likely to be brand-driven. You’re likely to say I bought a Toyota or Audi than saying I bought a car. That’s the power of brands. Branding is about defining who you are as a company. It encompasses your mission, your values, and what makes you special and unique. It’s your key brand elements, like your logo, your website, and your brand style guidelines. Arona provides Brand marketing services in Sri lanka

However, we take it a step further with brand marketing which is all about developing brand assets like a brand. Awareness, brand loyalty, emotional connection, credibility and market leadership. You’re in it for the long game with brand marketing. It works best when your goal is to create repeat buyers (for instance when it comes to everyday products). Connect with buyers making long-term, expensive purchases like vehicles. With Arona Digital Brand Management we put you in the driver’s seat to bring you revenue while creating value to your customers.

As discussed above brand marketing has two major pillars; branding and marketing. During the contextual audit, we study the situation around the company, current brand situation and quality of the services and products offered by the company.

Then we identify the buyer persona, establish the positioning strategy, develop your brand identity and launch the brand campaign with a defined objective to bolster a particular brand asset (brand awareness, loyalty, trust or market leadership). As you surely understand brand marketing is only for those who are willing to patiently invest and wish to be a major cooperate in the future. The returns are great for those who wish to wait and market the brand.

Content Marketing

Remember the last time you bought something online or submitted your information in a form? What led you there? It is definitely the content! Content that works from one to another varies. so it is not possible to duplicate someone else’s success and hope it will work for you. But instead your content should be directed from your brand persona to your ideal buyer persona. With Arona Digital Content marketing we put you in the driver’s seat to bring you revenue while creating value for your customers.

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