Ball bearings, that’s when it’s time to change them from your car

As is known, wheel ball bearings are components that are particularly subject to wear and should be replaced as soon as their effectiveness deteriorates. In order not to jeopardize the safety of the entire vehicle. But when should they be replaced? And when can they still remain inside the wheel?

How to tell if a bearing is worn

In this scenario without prejudice to the fact that the analysis of the need to replace a ball bearing can only be carried out with reference to the specific case. We can certainly remember that the bearings are not exactly the element. That makes it easier to check and maintain your wheel.

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However, we can also remember that the above does not amount to a difficulty in managing the element, given that an attentive ear will become aware of the “anomalous” noises coming from the wheels during their march at 80-100 km / h: it is the main sign that should lead you to a change in bearings.
When you have such suspicions, it is advisable to go to a good trusted mechanic in order to reach the “official” diagnosis. To understand if the bearings are worn, the mechanic will lift the wheel and spin it quickly with one hand. If you hear a rolling noise and vibrations extending up to the mudguard. This is the confirmation that the bearing would probably be replaced since ruined.

How to replace ball bearings?

Once you understand that ball bearings need to be replaced, on Bearings and Components you can certainly find all the best replacement elements: a quick search in our catalog will be enough to find the model that suits your needs.

To replace the bearings, it is necessary to proceed with particular attention. If you are not an expert, it will be sufficient to take the car to a garage. Where the expert staff, with the aid of a press, can easily remove the component. And insert the block again bearings from the spindle.

Finally, keep in mind that the replacement of these elements will never take place at the same mileage, and that longevity will depend on a series of factors that are not always easy to manage: if therefore in some cases the ball bearings could well remain even for 150 thousand kilometers, in other cases, they are likely to exhaust their effectiveness much sooner. Generally speaking, ball bearings in car wheels that travel more frequently in rainy or salty areas may have a shorter average life than bearings that “live” in areas not distinguished by these characteristics.

In any case, in order to know more. We naturally invite you to contact our staff of consultants. At the contact details found at the bottom of the page. We will be happy to provide you with any information on identifying the bearings suitable for your vehicle. And any clarification on their characteristics.

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