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Beas Kund Glacial Journey

Calcutta, Kerala, 25 years old​​. As far as I know, travel is an advanced cycle. It helps me understand how my body, mind, and soul interact with nature. What makes me move forward is to overcome difficulties in beas kund.

 How and why did you start to travel?

A few years ago, I injured my spine and had to sleep for three to four months. It collides with all that I am like a lady of nature. This is the conclusion I have reached. My life is very short, and I am looking forward to some courageous and trying things to be accomplished. Also, that’s how I started traveling, climbing, and walking.

 From then on, I didn’t think about it again. I have overcome several trips, climbs, and hikes. (I like to use the word conquered because I think these achievements are just a glimpse.) Beas Kund Trek, Shitidhar Kheerganga, Kasol (walking), Goa (walking), Ooty (Tamil Nadu Nilgiri), in Hampi Stop outdoors, then head to Kerela to explore Wayanad. In addition, I completed the main mountaineering course from ABVIMAS Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

 Take a quick look at the travel company I disclosed to Beas Kund Trek: Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the curves of life. When the desire to explore new areas and different origins is awakened, this is an ideal opportunity to paint them in the tones of the soul. In my case, going to Beas Kund helped to rekindle the flame.


 Some people say that watching more is not just riding the wind many times. Many of my colleagues thanked them for what happened, and I finally decided to go hiking. I picked up my package and left home, wanting to express the wild and noisy cries eased by the noise and screams of the human settlement. I came to Dhundi, the main stop of my journey, with this tempting expectation. When we drove from Solang Valley to Dhundi Street with others, we were surprised by some of the views.

 Along the Beas waterway, seeing the best ski resorts in India and the intersecting streams from side to side is an unforgettable thing in a lifetime. Surrounded by wildflowers and picturesque scenery, Dundi has become an ideal place for temporary camping.

 The next day, from Dhundi at an altitude of 9,000 feet, we continued to Bakartach with an interesting hill guard. The array is arranged at 10,800 feet, and Bakartach is a high-level mound that truly considers it as “the field of the shepherds.” The guide showed us that these desolate and sunny paddles formed the common grassland of Cadiz, a powerful clan of migrating herders. Seeing sheep in this peaceful pastoral gives us the opportunity to stop and think while thinking about truly incredible scenes.

 The almost flat walkway from the Bakartach glade approaches the moraine and rocks slowly, minimizing the journey. It is not difficult to walk from one stone to another, until we cross the waterway, which brings us to the edge of Cairns. Now we are exhausted and need a complete rest. In his music and mood, resting in the embrace of nature is a wonderful experience. Our endless conversations and our enthusiasm and desire to learn more space kept us alert all night. Chapter

 Why did you decide to do the Pisces ice group?

 Beas Kund is the starting point of the powerful Beas waterway. The creek starts from the frozen masses and passes through a picturesque clearing surrounded by mountains. From Beas Kund, we can see Shitidhar, the upper part of the fellowship and Hanuman Tibba.

 With the help of Beas, we can definitely detect the Dhauladhar and Pirpanjal mountains. On one side is Pir Panjal Mountain and on the other side is Dhauladhar Mountain. Beas Kund’s journey is full of greenery. In addition, Beas Kund is a place loved by shepherds, so you can see herds of sheep and guard shepherds. You can feel and detect how pure the climate around you is. When the glacier melts, the water is perfect. These are all good reasons to choose Piscis Kunde. Chapter


 Do breathing exercises or yoga breathing, which helps when climbing hills. ‍

 Weight preparation helps carry your backpack during travel and further develops perseverance. ‍

 Which Trek products did you choose?

·         Rain poncho

·         Rain pants

·         Quick-drying clothes

·         Shockproof trekking poles

·         70 to 80 liters backpack

·         Tent

·         Sleeping bag (05 degrees lowest)

·         Water bottle

·         Headlight 4

·         Lightweight tent t Lightweight tent and waterproof shoes

·         Toilet paper

·         A knife

·         A pair of sunglasses

·         Dried fruit

·         Chocolate

·         Waterbag

·         Keep hydrated at all times

·         Pressing less will make travel easier

 Not following the strategy of respecting nature and keeping the holy mountain clean frequently. Pack your things in an empty bag and get them back.


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