Benefits of Contact Tracing Services for Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Contact Tracing, as a practice, has been in use for decades! Over time, different methods and tools have been used to contain the spread of several communicative diseases, including Ebola, SERS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), and several others. Public health departments around the globe have always utilized Contact Tracing methods to find the source of communicable diseases and understand their effects.

However, rarely has there been a time in the history of mankind where the importance of Contact Tracing has been more critical. Nor has there been an instance where these practices have been more effective as a preventative measure to stop the spread of a communicable disease. To understand what is Contact Tracing and its importance, consider the extensive damages already caused by the Coronavirus on a global scale. Now imagine how bad things could have gotten if public health departments were unable to track and identify the first cases of COVID-19 in their respective countries.

Why do Hospitals & Medical Facilities Need Private Contact Tracing Services?

While medical organizations around the world have had their hands full with the massive numbers of infected people around the globe, the Contact Tracing aspect of their COVID-care is being highly neglected. This has, in turn, hampered public health departments in their efforts towards the containment of the disease. There are new cases of COVID infection every day due to people unknowingly coming in contact with COVID-positive patients. To make matters worse, the sometimes-non-symptomatic nature of the disease hasn’t helped in identifying people infected by the virus.

This is where professional BPO Solutions for Healthcare Industry can have a massive impact. Using their expertise and massive resources, Healthcare BPOs can execute Contact Tracing functions on behalf of the medical organizations to perfection. These professional service providers efficiently deal with:

  • Contact Tracing
  • Symptom Monitoring & Follow-ups
  • Quarantine Support & Guidance
  • Vaccination Scheduling
  • Customer Service

as well as other non-core support functions of the medical industry including (but not limited to):

  • Billing & Payments
  • Insurance Claims
  • Data Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical Report Analysis

This allows the medical facilities to focus their time, effort, and resources towards their core responsibilities – providing medical care and treatment to their patients.

What’s more? Medical organization can utilize these services at a fraction of the costs that they would have to incur if they were to do the job themselves. Hence, Healthcare BPOs allow medical facilities the opportunity to hire expert services while also reducing costs!

Important Benefits Professional Contact Tracing Services Have to Offer to Hospitals

The most important benefit of Contact Tracing is its impact in restricting the spread of the Coronavirus by identifying existing, new, and potential COVID-positive patients. Contact Tracing can also be significantly useful in identifying non-symptomatic patients by tracking down “contacts” and conducting relevant tests. However, expert Contact Tracing services offered by professional Healthcare BPOs have so much more to offer. Discussed here are some of the beneficial services that Hospitals and other medical facilities can utilize.

  • Efficient and effective Contact Tracing – both forward and backward.

Forward Contact Tracing helps to find the people that could have been affected by the COVID-positive patient. Similarly, Backward Contact Tracing assists in tracing the people who transmitted the virus to the COVID-positive patient back to its source. This enable a comprehensive Contact Tracing process that completely limits further spread of the virus.

  • Completely skilled and trained professionals for effective case management and privacy.

Contact Tracing is a sensitive task as patients are almost always uncomfortable with the knowledge of them being the source of a virus or disease. In addition, it is also important to tactfully handle the data and the process for privacy reasons. A person affected by the virus will always want to know the source of the virus. However, it is critical not to disclose the identity of the person who transmitted the virus. This process requires a great deal of tact, and the executives in Healthcare BPOs are trained to perform with tact, even under tremendous pressure.

  • Complete monitoring and support for the affected patients.

When informed about being COVID-positive, the affected person can experience a moral setback. Under these circumstances, it becomes difficult to make the right calls, especially when one isn’t aware of the proper protocols. Professional experts from Healthcare BPOs can help massively in such cases. They will not only offer moral support to the affected person, but also guide them on isolation guidelines and other protocols that they need to follow. The executives will also monitor the symptoms of the patients and schedule their vaccination dosages when necessary.

These tasks help the hospitals stay updated about patient conditions at all times. At the same time, it also improves the experience of the patients with the hospitals, significantly improving the overall medical treatment as well as the overall patient experience!

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